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Do Joy Duggar & Her Family Live In A Grocery Store?

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Joy Duggar shared a picture of a tragedy that took place in her cupboard, although fans think it looks more like a grocery store with the way the shelves are stocked. She said there was only one toddler in the house, and there is a massive amount of evidence in the picture below. They think it was Gideon who moved through the pantry and destroyed packs of coffee and sugar. The vacuum cleaner stands ready nearby but it’s hard to believe someone so small could cause that much damage.

Duggar said they also thought it was him because he was covered in sugar and coffee grounds. The small Duggar grandson also left his bike at the scene. Joy hashtagged the picture #ipromiseiwatchmykids. She tags her family’s Instagram page, apologizing to them for the mess. It appears that the photo was taken at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home.

Also dumped on the floor lay a couple of cans of oats. A box of popcorn lays on its side in the fray with several packets spread about. Lots of fans pointed out it probably only took him about two seconds to make the huge mess.

Fans Responded To The Picture Joy Duggar Posted

Lots of the people following Joy Duggar’s account responded to the post. One said, “oh, mama, I identify with this type of discovery.” Several others commented that this was typical of mom life. One person said they thought she was going to say she’d had an earthquake.

A lot of the moms shared stories of their own discoveries they’d made when their toddlers got a few moments alone. One fan said, “I thought this was a store isle at first?” Another said, “let’s talk about how your pantry looks like a grocery store. What apocalypse are you preparing for girl?”

Out of all the comments only one drew heat from others. A follower said the destruction wasn’t funny and she hoped disciplinary action occurred. Others were quick to point out he is just a toddler. Some defended the commenter and the conversation went back and forth for a bit. As usual, Joy didn’t respond to anything on her post.

The Reality Star Also Shared A Picture Of The Baby

Joy Duggar captioned the picture, “also Saturday,” because she shared another smiling photo of her daughter captioned, “Saturday.” One fan said, “now it comes out you were busy snuggling this little beauty when the marauder was on the loose.”

Fans gushed over little Evelyn and how innocent she looked compared to her destructive brother. Joy’s followers love all the updates of her little family. Most recently she shared some fall family photos she had taken and everyone looks fantastic. She shared they’d taken them in the rain, but the family looks perfectly happy. What do you think of Gideon’s rearrangement? Are you envious of Joy’s pantry? Comment with your thoughts below.

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