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Trista Sutter Brings Another ‘Bachelor’ Favorite On Her Podcast

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Trista Sutter, the first Bachelorette, has a new podcast called Better Etc. She shared on Instagram that Rachel Lindsay was going to be her first guest on the podcast.

She said, “If you know me from @bacheloretteabc, then I’m pretty sure you know this beauty. We were introduced 2 years ago but even before that, I was drawn to her energy.”

Trista said Rachel had her attention on Nick’s season. She called her a friend, a Bachelorette sister, and a strong voice on how to better support racial equality.

Trista Sutter Asked Her To Be The First Guest

Trista Sutter said, “the protests and stories in the news may not be as prevalent as they were in 2020.” She said that doesn’t mean the conversations should stop.

She said the true purpose of her podcast is to cause ripples of positivity. Trista shared she was thrilled Rachel wanted to sit down and talk to her. She said she hopes people will listen to them talk about bias, privilege, and inequality.

Trista said you’ll get to know more about Rachel and they both laughed and cried through the interview.

Fans Responded Kindly To The Podcast

Trista Sutter got a lot of good feedback on Instagram from her podcast. One fan said, “this was so good. Thanks for doing it. Very eye opening.”

Another said, “Thank you so much for using your platform to amplify marginalized voices. And frankly for being open and ready for the hate and pushback you are undoubtedly getting for doing so!” Rachel isn’t everyone’s favorite in Bachelor nation. There were some fans who were quick to point out they wouldn’t be tuning in.

One said, “The only reason I would listen is because of you. I lost all respect for her because I feel she convinced Becca to dump Garrett for standing up for what he believed in.” Along those same lines another said, “Rachel loves to split everyone. I’m actually worried she will get in between Tayshia & Zac.”

Her Podcast Is About Practicing Self Care And Having Fun

In the description of her podcast, Trista quoted Maya Angelou. She said, ” “If you know better, you do better”? Well, Better Etc. is here to help with the “know better” part so that we can all get out there and tackle the “do better” part!” She said there will be a lot of topics covered. Everything from how to talk to your kids about sex to how to improve your relationships.  Before having her first guest she talked about different topics. She brought friends on and talked about surviving grief, being authentic in beauty and adventure therapy.

What do you think about Rachel being Trista’s first guest? Will you be listening to the podcast? Comment with your thoughts below.

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