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‘Sister Wives’: The Secret To Kody Brown’s Successful Polyamorous Relationships Revealed?

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Since Sister Wives first hit our TVs a decade ago, fans had one simple question: what was Kody Brown’s secret to success? How did he succeed at having four fives when so many failed at having one? It was the desire to know the answer to this question and how his polyamorous relationships worked that made the TLC series popular.

According to Soap Dirt, Kody Brown’s secret to his successful relationships was revealed early on in the release of the series. But, the truth didn’t offer that dramatic “wow” faster that pulls in viewers. So, no one noticed. 

So, what is Kody Brown’s secret to a polyamorous lifestyle?

Those who don’t really understand the show or appreciate the potential of a polyamorous relationship only see Kody Brown in one light. They see him as a disgusting man who found a way to be intimate with multiple women. But, his relationship with his four wives is really much deeper than that. Likewise, a polyamorous relationship isn’t just about being to his benefit. That is the secret many fans don’t understand.

There are a lot of different types of polyamorous relationships. In some, it is common for both parties to have more than one significant other. For example, Meri has Kody Brown. But, she could also have another husband or wife as well. The same could be true of his other wives as well.

Another type of polyamorous relationship would involve Kody being with each of his wives. And, his wives are also with each other. While there is no denying the Sister Wives stars are one big happy family. The wives are only romantically involved with Kody.

Now, doesn’t that make this a bit of a one-sided relationship? How does Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn benefit from this type of relationship? What is the secret that makes this work.

Each wife brings something to the table

Traditionally, there are a lot of responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of a housewife. The big secret that makes Kody Brown’s lifestyle work is the responsibilities don’t fall on a single wife. Instead, the workload and responsibilities are split. Each wife can focus on what she excels at. There able to function as one strong family unit and utilize each other to their own benefits.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Still Feel Season 14 Is Heavily Scripted Despite Janelle Brown’s Claims

Now, Sister Wives fans don’t see a perfect and functional family on television. After all, this wouldn’t exactly be a “wow” factor that would be good for ratings. But, the TLC series only takes a small look into their lives for a few months at a time.

Likewise, some believe the series might be scripted. So, who knows how much of what we see on TV is actually true.

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