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When Can We Expect A Duggar Courtship Announcement?

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As TV Shows Ace reports, Jedidiah Duggar is now in a relationship. But, this Duggar courtship isn’t official. It’s only been hinted at by the family so far. So, when can we expect to get the official news?

Jessa Seewald leaks Duggar courtship news

In a recent YouTube video that Jessa made, she reveals that her brother Jedidiah is in a relationship. It all goes down at a family fall festival, which was held outdoors at the Duggar family’s home. She asks him if he’s going to paint a pumpkin for his “darling.” He says that he is, and then he asks Jessa how she knew. That’s all that we know about the courtship though. So, fans are eager to get the courtship details.

When might the Duggar family share the news?

It’s possible that the family was waiting to announce Jed’s courtship. This could be for a number of reasons. For one, Counting On isn’t currently airing. Sometimes, big announcements are saved for the show. For example, Justin’s courtship was announced while Counting On was airing. When he told his family about his courtship, that was featured on the show too. It’s unclear when and if another season of the TLC show is coming, but it’s definitely possible.

The family might also be waiting until the Duggar courtship is official or has lasted a little while. Jessa simply calls Jed’s love interest his “darling.” So, he may not even be in an official courtship yet. Maybe he’s planning on asking to make it official soon, and the family is waiting for that. Or maybe they want to ensure that the relationship is going to last. It could be pretty new.

It seems like there are gaps between big family announcements too. Jed’s sister Jinger Vuolo recently gave birth to her second daughter. Before that, Justin Duggar announced his engagement to Claire Spivey. So, maybe they are waiting for all of the other news to die down before sharing any other news. Plus, the family often signs deals with news outlets when it’s time for announcements. They could be arranging that prior to revealing the next Duggar courtship.

No matter when the family decides to make the big announcement, fans are looking forward to it. It’s an exciting time for the family, and since so much of their lives is on TV, fans love getting to be a part of it all.

So, do you think we’ll see a Duggar courtship announcement soon? Share your thoughts below.

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