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Does ‘Unexpected’ McKayla Adkins Have An OnlyFans Account?

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Season 4 of TLC’s Unexpected premieres this month and fans can’t help but wonder if McKayla Adkins supplements her income with an OnlyFans account. Turns out, she does. Just like her co-star Lexus, McKayla has a link to her OnlyFans account on her Instagram profile.

You, however, won’t find the account on OnlyFans if you search for her by her name on the site. Likewise, she’s also openly discussed her account via Instagram before. And, she doesn’t seem to care very much regarding what her fans think about her account.

McKayla Adkins on OnlyFans

As we’ve mentioned before, you have to subscribe to someone’s OnlyFans to know what you are getting. McKayla Adkins boasts of daily posting. And, frequently responding to her fans messages. She has over 200 posts on the site. Her OnlyFans account is actually a little cheaper than her co-star Lexus Scheller.

Presently, she only charges her followers $10 a month. While we haven’t confirmed this first hand, we also have recent to believe she posts much more risque content.

If you do a Google search for “McKayla Adkins nudes,” you’ll find several mentions of it. This includes stories of the Unexpected star defending her decision to strip down and share nude pictures. This also includes a post on Reddit with fans of the show discussing how serious McKayla has gotten with her OnlyFans profile.

On this particular thread, Unexpected fans crucified a picture of McKayla’s nude bottom. They found her deep visible underwear lines to be both hilarious and telling. It was clear she was wearing underwear that was way too snug on her body if it was leaving that kind of indentations.

Some Unexpected fans were just happy the individual who shared the photo subscribed and shared so others didn’t have to give into their curiosity.

Unexpected fans share thoughts on her profile

Unsurprisingly, Unexpected fans have a lot of thoughts about McKayla’s profile on OnlyFans. The biggest issue they have is her decision to sell nudes at such a young age. That being said, she’s even older than her co-star Lexus at 20-years-old. And, it is extremely common for reality TV stars to supplement their income with an OnlyFans account.


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Fortunately, we will soon be able to catch up with some of the Unexpected girls as the series returns at the end of this month for Season 4.

The question is: have you ever thought about subscribing to McKayla Adkins on OnlyFans? Do you have an opinion about her having an account? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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