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‘Little People Big World’: Is Molly Roloff Ready To Be A Mom?

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Molly Roloff has yet to make Little people Big World star Amy Roloff a proud grandmother of 5 grandkids. Zach and Jeremy both have two children apiece with their loving significant others. While Joel and Molly haven’t blessed her with a grandbaby, there’s speculation that this could be changing soon. But, is Molly finally ready to become a mom?

Is Molly ready to make Amy a grandmother of 5?

Amy and Matt Roloff have 4 grown children, 3 boys, and 1 girl. Molly is the only girl between the LPBW couple, and all of the Roloff children are married. Joel and Molly are the only ones that don’t have children yet. Of course, that all could be changing soon.

Molly Roloff and her husband like their privacy

Molly married her husband, Joel Silvius, in 2017 and the two seem very happy together. The couple never seems to appear on the popular TLC reality show. Distance could be a factor since the couple lives about 6 hours away from Roloff farms. The two live a pretty private life and continue to live in a quaint house in Spokane, Washington. Only making a few appearances on Amy or Matt’s Instagram page.

Fans continue to speculate about Molly having a baby

Fans may remember back in 2018 when Matt Roloff shared an adorable video of himself walking with Jackson on Instagram. Captioning the photo with “the family has big news to announce!” Molly had recently come to visit the family around that time. Which made fans speculate that Molly was pregnant, and that was the big news Matt talked about. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and Molly had no pregnancy news. Of course, as written about on Tv Season, this was confirmed when Amy shared a picture that showed the fact that Molly had no baby bump. 

Fans at least got some sort of  big news from Molly

Last year fans were excited to hear that she and her husband Joel purchased a house in Spokane, Washington. Molly’s big brother Zach went on Instagram to share the exciting news, and made sure to brag about the adorable house. The ranch-style home had black shutters and a bright yellow front door. Thought it wasn’t news of a baby, fans excitedly congratulated the pair on buying their first home together. Right after Zach posted, Molly’s mother Amy decided to share pictures of the couple’s new house.

Molly lives too far away to tape for the show

Currently, Molly works at an accounting firm while Joel is a research data analyst at Gonzaga University. Despite the distance between the family, the Roloff family continues to be close to each other. Unfortunately, there has been no talk of the couple having a baby as of yet, but everyone knows that could change soon.

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