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Netflix’s ‘Julie And The Phantoms’: Stream Or Skip? [Review]

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The musical called Julie And The Phantoms hit Netflix on September 10th. And, if you are anything like me, it is one of the billion titles you stuffed into your watch list. That being said, we are in the middle of a pandemic. And, most of us have nothing better to do. So, we binge through movie and series after movie and series. Fortunately, we just landed in December of 2020 and there’s a whole wealth of new content dropping into all the different streaming services.

What is Julie And The Phantoms, anyway?

For me, Julie And The Phantoms is a pretty under rated Netflix Original Series. It isn’t a series I see a lot of people talking about. And, it wasn’t something I saw advertised all over social media. Now, in full transparency, musicals are never my first choice. Sure, there’s a lot of singing in this series. But, it is so much more than that. It tells a few different beautiful stories of life, death, and family.

Sure, some parts are a little cheesy… But, I think that’s just because it’s rated G. It, however, is also a very, very emotional roller coaster once you get several episodes in. So, I highly recommend bringing a box of tissues. Also, don’t make plans to do much when you sit down to watch this. Yes, it’s nine episodes long. But, the episodes are only 25 minutes long. With the exception of the slightly longer Season 1 Finale. You, however, won’t be able to stop watch you start watching. It’s that good.

If you like watching wholesome teen dramas with some life lessons, love, and comedy… Check this out. Even if musicals are not usually your think.

Now, as far as what the series is about… Julie And The Phantoms kicks off introducing you to a band. A band that is about to hit it big. The band, however, eats rancid hot dogs and passes away. (Most of them anyway, but we’ll get to that). 

‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Season 2: Did Netflix Cancel Or Renew?

Julie is the star of the show

Julie (Madison Reyes) is currently struggling with the death of her mother. Fate intervenes and thrusts three dead boy band members into her life. Interestingly enough, the guys died 25 years ago. They, however, admit it felt like it just happened yesterday. Julie bonds with the guys. The guys bond with her. And, they later discover they can perform together on stage. While Julie is usually the only one who can see them… Everyone can see them during a performance.

Julie tells people who see her perform they are holograms. But, it’s only a matter of time before someone recognizes their faces. For starters, the fourth member of their band (who didn’t eat the hot dogs) realizes who they are. And, Julie’s little brother also figures it out. This, however, happens near the very end of Season 1. So, we don’t really get to see where the story line goes with this.

Is Julie and the Phantoms worth watching?

Coming from someone who doesn’t do musicals, this series was amazing. Netflix did a really great job. And, the singing in the show is incredible. The biggest downside to watching this series is that it is so short and goes so fast. Moreover, Season 1 ends on a huge cliffhanger. And, we aren’t sure if a Season 2 is happening. Though, both subscribers and the cast want it to happen.

So, have you watched Julie and the Phantoms? Or, do you plan on checking it out? Sound off in the comments down below.

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