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See Rare Photo Of Adam Busby’s Father Reading To Quints

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Who is the father of OutDaughtered star Adam Busby? It is one of the most commonly searched questions among fans of the TLC family. Truth be told, we don’t really know. At least, we don’t know his name. But, a rare photo of him recently surfaced on Instagram.

Adam Busby has been notoriously private about his family

Now, Adam Busby and his wife Danielle decided to step into the spotlight via reality TV. They opted for the attention that comes with it. They also opted for the backlash and heavy criticism that comes with it. That being said, Adam and Danielle’s family never asked for such spotlight.

Fans of OutDaughtered do know a fair amount about Danielle’s side of the family. After all, her twin sisters and her mother have made appearances on the show. The same cannot be said of Adam’s family. And, after what happened with Danielle’s mother recently, we aren’t really sure we blame him for the privacy.

What happened to Danielle Busby’s mother?

Danielle Busby’s mother Michelle “MiMi” Theriot was busted for a DUI recently. As we previously reported, the OutDaughtered grandmother attempted to conceal being intoxicated by putting on a heavy amount of body spray. Shortly after news of her arrest broke, MiMi disappeared from social media completely. And, fans haven’t seen or heard anything about her since.

Now, fans can only assume Adam Busby has kept his family out of the spotlight for this very reason. Something happens and suddenly your family member is making headlines. The arrest of MiMi for a DUI became public knowledge. And, this isn’t something the world would have cared about if her daughter wasn’t on a reality TV show.

So, where did this rare photo of Adam Busby’s father come from?

First things first, we still really aren’t sure who Adam Busby’s father is. There is no credible record of report confirming Adam Busby’s father or mother’s name. That being said, fans do know the names of Adam’s sisters. Thanks to Danielle Busby’s Instagram activity and a little detective work, it was easy to track down Adam’s sisters.

Damage Control? ‘OutDaughtered’ MiMi’s Instagram Disappears After Arrest

A few months ago, we confirmed Adam Busby has at least two sisters. Clarissa Evers and Kayla Busby ONeal. Clarissa Evers doesn’t have nearly as big of a following as the rest of the Busby crew. But, Danielle did confirm Clarissa was one of Adam’s sisters in a post on Instagram recently.

Clarissa Evers shared a photo on Instagram recently that featured “her father.” Being Adam Busby’s sister… Fans have no choice but to assume this is Adam’s father in the photo.

Now, if you take a close look at the photo below. You can spot the backs of several quints in the photo. Especially the vibrant curly red locks of Hazel Busby. The OutDaughtered family have also well documented the fact that they are currently traveling for the holidays and spending time with family. So, the timing of the photo certainly makes sense.

Clarissa Evers Instagram
[Clarissa Evers Instagram]

Clarissa Evers gets emotional about the photo

Based on the caption, this was a very special photo. And, a special moment in time. It sounds like this family doesn’t get to spend a lot of time together.

Uncle Dale Mills reacted to the photo. Danielle and Adam Bubsy, however, do not appear to have given it any attention. Though, they do follow Clarissa on Instagram.

The photo accumulated just 161 likes and 8 comments. Clarissa Evers herself only has a little over 1,000 followers on Instagram. She’s an extended member of the Busby family fans just don’t know very much about.

‘OutDaughtered’: How Many Sisters Does Adam Busby Have?

That being said, it was definitely exciting to see such a rare photo of this beautiful family. Moreover, you can absolutely see some of Adam Busby’s facial features in his father’s face if you zoom in!

So, do you understand Adam Busby keeping his family out of the spotlight? Did you enjoy seeing a photo of his father? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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