Chris Harrison and Tayshia Adams

Chris Harrison Hilariously Gives Fans Drinking Game Idea For Tayshia Adams Season

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Tayshia Adams season of The Bachelorette is in full swing. There’s tons of drama and things are starting to heat up. Now, in preparation for a new episode next week, host Chris Harrison is sharing some hilarious ideas. In fact, Chris gave a few ideas for a good drinking game amongst friends.

Chris Harrison gives drinking game idea for Tayshia Adams season

US Weekly shared all the good, hilarious details about Chris Harrison’s idea for a Bachelorette drinking game. Chris said, Tayshia kind of goes with the British accent … anytime you hear hints of a British accent, drink.” He continues, “She gets this thing where she kind of goes up sometimes, like, ‘You want me to drink?’ And I’m like,’ What was that?’ Did you just go Madonna on me? Did you just goGwyneth Paltrow? Remember when they thought they were British for a little bit? Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it happens with Tayshia, I like it. It’s kind of adorable.”

And, if anyone is wondering what they can drink while playing the game, Chris has some ideas for that too. He said, “I’m glad we’re upping our Bachelor Nation experience a little bit more with the Sourced Craft Cocktails.” Chris continued, “This is going to be so fun and what I love is honestly you just go online, go to, you order it and it shows up at your house. I mean, everything is there. All you have to have is a good attitude, some ice and a glass. Everything else is there.”

He talks on how different Tayshia’s season is

Chris goes on to talk about the many differences that occur with each season of the show. He said all the leads are different. And, each of them brings with them their own insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, because of their different personalities, a lot of different drama can occur.

Chris said, “That’s what makes the show so great. It’s all different — Matt James’ season is completely different than any season we’ve ever done. That’s just the way it is.”

Matt just finished filming his season this past weekend. Fans won’t have to wait too long to see if he finds love. His journey begins on ABC, January 4.

As for Tayshia, she’s doing great as the lead. She came in and took over with confidence and poise. This past episode fans saw her stand up to the men after Noah pointed out her integrity was being questioned. She informed them she was happy to show them to the door if they chose to not take this seriously.

Fans can’t wait to see what drama unfolds next Tuesday on The Bachelorette. Don’t miss Tayshia as she continues her journey Tuesday nights on ABC.


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