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Jade Roper Shares Stunning Photos Of Reed Taken By Patty Othon

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Jade Roper just shared the most stunning and gorgeous photos of her brand new baby, Reed Harrison Tolbert. Fans already agree that he looks very much like Tanner with his dark hair. But this photoshoot really captured some OMG moments. Actually, Bachelor Nation fans might be familiar with Patty Othon’s work already.

Jade Roper arranged proper studio photos by Patty Othon for her son reed

Very often, photos taken by professional photographers remain a secret. Until the owners sell them to bigger media outlets. But, Jade Roper shared her pictures of Reed in her Instagram Stories. The Bachelor in Paradise alum already shared some of her own photos of her son. So, fans know he’s a very cute child. But, these ones from Patty might just take your breath away.

Jade shared three or four photos of her son on Instagram and said that he tried so hard to stay awake during the photoshoot. The first one reveals him in a basket. Swaddled up in autumn shades, he looks like the best present ever! He looks so angelic in the picture, like some sort of dream come true. Take look at the photo below:

Jade Roper son Reed 1
Jade Roper | Patty Othon | Instagram

Reed tries staying awake

In the next photo, Jade wrote about her little baby boy trying to stay awake. She captioned it with “The sweetest little man. But he was so determined to stay awake during the whole shoot.” Then, she shouted out Patty Othon for working her magic. Jade thinks she took some awesome photos. And we think you’ll agree this one seems very cute:

Jade Roper baby 2
Jade Roper | Patty Othon | Instagram

In the next picture, Reed wore the same outfit. This time, the weathered board in the background made for a nice contrast with new life. Jade Roper put in a whole lot of heart emojis. And she wrote, “I MEAAAAAAAAN.” Yeah, Bachelor Nation gets it. Jade really adores those shots of Reed. No wonder she gave such a huge shoutout to Patty Othon.

Patty Othon photo of Reed
Jade Roper | Patty Othon | Instagram

Who is Patty Othon?

If you don’t know Patty she already featured in People, E! News, US Weekly, Complex, Essence, and Harper’s, according to her profile on Instagram. The LA-based photographer produces some stunning photos of pregnant moms, babies, kids, and families. And, if you just love newborns, then you can feast your eyes on her portfolio on her website. It certainly looks like Jade Roper chose one of the best in the business.

Did you enjoy the photos that Jade Roper shared of her son Reed Harrison Tolbert? Do you agree that he looks just way too cute? Can you think of any other photographers who also take amazing shots of newborns? Sound off in the comments below.

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