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Paula Abdul Gets Fans Even More Excited for ‘The Masked Dancer’

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If you’re looking for something fun, you’re likely excited for The Masked Dancer. Paula Abdul makes all her fans all the more excited with her latest promotion.

Abdul took to Instagram to share new promotional footage for The Masked Singer spin-off. She is featured the most on the panel, with Ashley Tisdale and Brian Austin Green also getting a lot of attention. The trio and Ken Jeong are the permanent panelists on the show, but there should be guest panelists each week similar to the parent show.

Not Paula’s First Rodeo

This is certainly not the first time Abdul has appeared on a show like this. Many will remember her time on the original American Idol when it aired on FOX, and she guest judged on The X Factor in the UK in the past. The show closest to The Masked Dancer is So You Think You Can Dance, where she showed off her dancing and choreography knowledge. Now it’s time to put her skills and knowledge to the test again, along with her pop culture knowledge.

Like The Masked Singer, the new series will feature masked celebrities. There are clue packages to help everyone figure out who is under the mask, and then the celebrities will take to the stage to show off their skills. Whether they can dance or not is not the entertaining factor here. It’s all about who is under the mask. Many fans tune in to see who the panelists guess and whether those guesses are right.

Judging by the new promo, Abdul will struggle to guess. There are times she pulls at her hair trying to work out the clues. “Who are you?” the promo ends with Abdul saying.

A Glimpse at the Dancers on The Masked Dancer

Something the promo offers is another look at some of the dancers coming to the series. We don’t get any of the clues, but we get to see some of the masked celebrities take to the stage. This is a chance to see if they can dance or not, and some of them certainly can. Paula Abdul even tells one of the celebrities “you can dance,” but is that enough to help her figure out who is under the mask?

The guessing really is harder than The Masked Singer. One of the benefits of the singing competition is that everyone hears the voice. This is usually the big giveaway. Just look at Chris Daughtry and many who think Pink Crocodile is Nick Carter based on the voice.

When it comes to dancing, there is nothing to hear. The abilities are easily masked, and there may be celebrities fans had no idea had dancing abilities. It’s all about the clues, and fans are there for that.

What do you think of The Masked Dancer? Are you ready for Paula Abdul back on your screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Dancer premieres on Sunday, December 27 at 8/7c on FOX.


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