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Danielle Might Not Have COVID-19 – Adam Busby’s Feedback Hints

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Danielle Busby ended up rather suddenly in the ER on Sunday.  Adam asked his fans for prayers, and they stepped up for that. Some OutDaughtered fans wondered if she contracted COVID-19. But much later, Adam popped up in his Instagram stories and hinted that there might be something else wrong.

Danielle Busby fans feared COVID-19

We reported that Adam took to Instagram and announced that out of the blue, Danielle’s day went bad. Adam rushed her to the ER after she reported some “sudden” and “alarming” sensations in her arms and legs. Naturally, some fans wondered if she contracted COVID-19. And, some of them expressed some concern as she was invited as a guest speaker at the Misson Move Charity Gala on November 14. Obviously, they worried about all the others who also attended.

Sometimes, the Outdaughtered stars pick up some heat from not wearing their masks properly. So of course, gadding about might very well lead to contracting the coronavirus. In our article, we also researched the fact that tingling sensations can relate to the virus as well. But, it seems that the virus might not ail Danielle Busby. Adam later gave some feedback on the trip to the ER.

Adam gives feedback on Danielle

When Adam returned home from the ER he shared a small clip that revealed all the kids watching TV. He captioned it with, “Just made it home.” Then he added, “Didn’t get a whole lot of answers.” But, they see a “specialist this week, for a more thorough workup.” Plus, he thanked all his fans and followers for their “prayers.” From the clip, it’s not clear if Danielle remained at the hospital, as he only revealed the kids.

Potentially, if they see a specialist next week, then Danielle Busby escaped a COVID-19 positive test. Health Grades notes that tingling and odd sensations could indicate a host of other issues. These range from “prolonged pressure on a nerve, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, multiple sclerosis…and stroke, among many others.” The website also noted that the OutDaughtered family reacted in the correct way to the strange sensations. They recommend, “if your tingling…[persists],” and seems “unexplained, or causes you concern, seek prompt medical care.”

Danielle Busby illness feedback from Adam
Image credit – Adam Busby – Instagram Stories

Worrying news on a special birthday weekend

For Adam Busby, no immediate diagnosis probably makes it worse on this birthday weekend. On her Instagram, Danielle wished her twin sisters a happy birthday two days ago. And yesterday, she shouted out for her mom’s birthday.

For now, Danielle Busby fans can only hope and pray that her symptoms don’t result in something dangerous for her health. After all, TLC followers adore the whole family.

Check back with us often as this ongoing medical scare unfolds for the OutDaughtered family.

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