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Lifetime’s ‘Christmas On The Vine’ Is About Christmas Spirit

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Lifetime’s latest It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie is Christmas On The Vine. Starring Julianna Guill (The Resident), Jon Cor (Picture A Perfect Christmas), and Meredith Baxter (Family Ties), this is the story about finding a town’s Christmas spirit.

What Is Lifetime’s Christmas On The Vine About?

According to Lifetime’s synopsis, Brooke (Guill) is a a young marketing executive. She comes up with creative ideas, such as a whimsical Cinderella’s glass slipper campaign for her shoe client. Although that goes viral, she still wonders what she wants to do when she grows up.

She heads back to her hometown. Brooke is there for some Christmas memories. She is also there to help some locals who have a family-owned winery. A big company is taking over the small vineyards. They want to do more than survey. They want to survive.

Brooke winds up working with Tyler (Cor). Although he is quite charming, the owner of the winery can be a little set in his ways. Moreover, as the big company continues to eat away the small businesses, it has also hurt the town’s Christmas spirit.

Brooke sees the solution to their problems. If she can revive the town’s Christmas spirit, there is a chance more can be saved.

Jon Cor’s Biggest Wish With This Christmas Movie

Jon Cor recently spoke to The Harlton Empire about Lifetime’s Christmas On The Vine. He shared that he believes that what he is doing is so important right now. “Movies like this serve to bring a sense of peace and ease to their viewers. A happy ending you can count on, with a lot of heart and warmth along the way.”

Lifetime’s Christmas On The Vine Filmed Right As Pandemic Hit

Cor also shared the circumstances around the movie shoot. They filmed Lifetime’s Christmas On The Vine in Whistler, BC. The good news is that the weather was quite beautiful in this part of Canada.

Thankfully, the pandemic hit right at the end of the shoot. So, they were able to complete it. That is great news for Christmas movie fans. There has not been a year where Christmas movies were appreciated like this year. Everyone wants a happy ending.

But, what is Jon Cor’s favorite Christmas movie? Tim Burton’s 1992 movie, Batman Returns. And he is not kidding.

But, it does sound like they had to rush something pretty important. That is dance lessons. Although Jon Cor is trained in martial arts, and experienced in gymnastics, which makes him agile. But, he is not light on his feet on the dance floor.

He shared his saving grace was his leading lady’s dancing skills. “Fortunately, the lovely and talented Julianna Guill who plays Brooke, my character Tyler’s love interest, was happy to lead, and lead well.”

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

Lifetime is airing over 30 new Christmas movies in 2020. It is incredible that they have accomplished such a feat, during a worldwide pandemic. Best of all, they are available to watch on Lifetime.

Christmas on the Vine premieres Friday, November 13 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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