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‘RHONJ’ Fans Wonder How Gia Giudice Was Able To Travel Overseas To Italy

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RHONJ fans heard that Gia Giudice and her dad, Joe, reunited in Italy this month. And, some people wonder how on earth that happened. After all, some COVID-19 restrictions suggest that US citizens may not enter Italy at the moment. And, the photo showed them in Rome.

RHONJ star Gia and her dad Joe Giudice photographed in Rome, Italy

We reported that Joe Giudice hoped that he and his daughters might reunite in August. But with the coronavirus, nothing seems set in stone. Of course, with Teresa dating again and moving, it’s hard for Joe. But, “one of the more heartbreaking issues for Joe, revolves around the separation from his daughters.” Joe clearly adores his kids and many fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey feel sorry for them.  After all, the kids never broke the law or ended up in prison.

However, sympathy evaporated somewhat after the Bravo Housewives account on Instagram shared that Gia and her dad reunited in Italy. One fan commented, “I thought we couldn’t go to Europe???” And another one noted, “How? I thought there was a travel ban?” Well, one fan who keeps up with the RHONJ show told the others that Joe Giudice told his fans that Gia holds dual citizenship. So, that might explain how the Italians allowed her in.

RHONJ Gia Giudice and Joe in Rome Italy

Fans worry about COVID-19

Presumably, Gia intends to return to the USA. So, some fans feel a bit disappointed that the family makes light of COVD-19 and travel restrictions. More than one person commented about “no travel ban now?” Then, on the flight, some people suggested they probably chartered a private flight which makes things easier. Well, the US Consulate in Italy updated travelers. And, it clearly states that US citizens may not visit the country.

And, they caution everyone about non-essential travel there. But, they also wrote, “Non-essential travel (i.e., tourism) to Italy from most non-EU countries (including the United States) is prohibited. Essential travel is allowed and includes students, businesspersons, EU residents, and relatives of Italian citizens.” Interestingly, because they allow relatives in, even without dual citizenship, Gia from RHONJ could go there.

Some loyal bravo fans wish Gia and her dad well

Some Real Housewives of New Jersey fans feel very sad that the kids pay the price for their parent’s behavior. After all, they lost their dad and he and Teresa should take the blame for that. One of them even wished that Gia could just live permanently with her dad in Italy. And, others slammed critics who questioned Gia’s visit overseas.

What are your thoughts on Gia Giudice flying over to reunite with her dad in Italy? If she’s allowed to travel, do you think she should still stay home in the USA? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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