Counting On Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy

‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Celebrate 4th Anniversary

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Counting On fans adore Jinger and Jeremy together. They followed their courtship and marriage closely over the years. And of course, their daughter Felicity racked up even more interest. Pregnant again, the TLC couple just celebrated their 4th anniversary.

Counting On – Jinger always shares her anniversary day

We reported that last year, Jinger shared a photo of herself with Jeremy and wrote the sweetest loving words. She described him as “fun-loving,” “sensitive,” and “caring.” Plus, she added, “selfless” and “compassionate.” Of course, Jeremy also shared a loving message about his wife. Now, on November 5, Jinger shared about their 4th Anniversary. And, on her Instagram Stories, she shared a clip of beautiful flowers that Jeremy gave her. Plus, she also added some photos of their wedding day.

Then, on her main Instagram, she shared, “Today marks 4 years of being married to my best friend. ❤️” Next, addressing Jeremy, the Counting On star she said, “Baby, I couldn’t imagine life without you! You treat me like a queen, keep me laughing, and are always faithful to point me to Christ!” Finally, she wrote, “I love you more than words could possibly ever describe. When I am with you there’s no place I’d rather be! 😘”

Counting On Jinger anniversary flowers

Fans wish the couple a happy day

Naturally, fans wished the pregnant mom and Jeremy a “happy anniversary.” And, Carlin Bates, Caryn Chandler, Jeremy and Tori Roloff all loved her post. Others talked about her wedding day photo on her post. One fan wrote, “Wow thats an amazing train 😍 must have been hard minding it 😂 Happy Anniversary.” And, another one commented, “always loved your wedding dress. So classic and elegant.”

One enthusiastic Counting On fan wrote, “❤️❤️❤️ happy anniversary! What a beautiful couple! ☺️ Thanking God for your marriage.” Actually, many TLC fans hold up Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo as marriage goals. But for a brief moment, rumors surfaced that she felt “unhappy in her marriage.” Cafe Mom reported that Redditors disbelieve the perfect marriage that Jinger describes exists.

Counting On Jinger and Jeremy

Is Jinger genuinely happy with Jeremy?

One Redditor commented, “I’m a big believer in the theory that the more one brags about one’s wonderful, amazing relationship on social media, the worse that relationship is.” And, others agreed that everything looks a little bit too picture-perfect. Nevertheless, every couple ends up with some disagreeable times. But, not everyone posts about them on social media.

The chances seem pretty good that Counting On couple gets through their marriage with both good and bad times, just like everyone else. And, Duggar fans wish them very many more years together. With a new baby coming along, hopefully, the happy couple that people see on Instagram prevails for a long time to come.

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