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‘Bachelor’ Alum Jamie Otis Says ‘You Can’t Talk Yourself Out Of’ Depression’

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Bachelor alum Jamie Otis birthed her son at home during the coronavirus. Successfully delivered, she nevertheless suffers from postpartum body-shaming. And, she struggles with depression. But the trouble is, “you can’t talk yourself out of” depression, she notes.

Bachelor alum Jamie Otis suffers from postpartum depression

We reported that Jamie “grows tired of people who body-shame moms.” On top of that, she also suffers from depression. Postpartum depression gets to her. And, she knows she suffers from it. But, she struggles over dealing with it.

On Monday, November 2, she took to Instagram and wrote all about it. In her long post, she noted that “it’s an on-going personal journey.⁣” One fan thanked her for talking about it as “so many mamas” deal with it.

Describing her depression, the Bachelor alum held little back. Going completely natural, with no filters or makeup made her vulnerability look even more obvious. She wrote, “Here I am completely raw & bare—no makeup, no filter, no fluff.💯” Then, she explained how her “postpartum…rocked [her] to the core.” In fact, it affected her all over: “physically, mentally, & emotionally.” However, she tries “healing” her entire self “from the inside, out.🙏🏻⁣”

Too depressed to climb out of bed

It seems hard for Jamie to talk about her depression as if she feels ungrateful for her precious babies. So, often she keeps quiet fearing people think she seeks a “pity” party. But, she feels very thankful for her “amazing babies.” People who sufferer from postpartum depression get what she means. But unless you experienced it, you may think she just feels sorry for herself. In fact, she describes it as feeling like”a different person.” And she admits that sometimes, she feels so “depressed” she can’t get up.

Even her daughter noticed and said, “mommy woke up!” when I crawl out of bed in the afternoon.😳⁣” And, for The Bachelor alum, makeup isn’t an instant fix. She noted, “But that’s the thing about depression — you can’t talk yourself out of it, you can’t put makeup on and instantly feel better. you can’t even spray dry shampoo on your bald spots and expect the sadness that you buried to stay down.🤦🏼‍♀️😂”⁣

Bachelor alum Jamie Otis on postpartum depression

Dealing with postpartum depression

Why do some women suffer from such debilitating depression after giving birth? And, with a tiny dependent, how on earth do moms cope through it? Well, WebMD talked about it on their Website. And, it sounds rather complex. They note that “Postpartum depression is linked to chemical, social, and psychological changes that happen when having a baby.” But, counseling and treatment help new moms cope.

All those hormones pre-delivery dropped very suddenly for The Bachelor alum. And, Jamie, like others, goes into a wild mood swing after that. In fact, sometimes moms who suffer from it progressively become worse. And, they may even end up with something called “postpartum psychosis.” But luckily, most women work their way better before that.

However, postpartum depression shouldn’t be ignored, which explains why so many ABC fans love that Jamie Otis speaks out about it.

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