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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Grow Worried About Olga’s Health

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90 Day Fiance fans know that Olga and Steven Frend split. Despite that, she sounded very happy that her interview for her green card comes along at the end of November. However, now fans grow very concerned about her as she talked about a health condition.

90 Day Fiance star Olga wakes up in bad pain

We reported that Steven and Olga splitting might create some issues for her green card application. It seems that her eligibility revolves around Steven submitting “an affidavit of support, to be kept on file.” But, we surmised that he co-parents his son Alex, and probably signs the affidavit so he gets access to his son. However, Olga seems uncertain about her rights when it comes to medical care in the USA.

The 90 Day Fiance star shared a post on Instagram about waking up in pain. It already disappeared, but blogger John Yates screenshot it and shared it with his followers. In her post, Olga said that she suffers pain in her back, and it’s probably a kidney issue. Olga mentioned she previously suffered from urinary problems. It sounded very painful, and she seemed scared and alone. In fact, she said that she didn’t “know what to do.”

Steven didn’t help Olga with her health scare

Olga’s also mentioned that she told Steven but he gave her “no attention.” Plus, as she’s alone, unsure what to do, and far from home, she fears medical debt. No medical insurance makes her wish for her home in Russia. People commented on the post that John Yates shared. And a few of them felt that if Olga needed medical care, they’d happily donate if she set up a GoFundMe.

90 Day Fiance fans spoke about medical insurance, and some reassured Olga about it. One person wrote, “isn’t her ex still financially responsible for her even though they split? She needs to just go to the ER where she won’t be turned away or required to pay anything upfront and let her ex deal with the bill later.” But, other fans noted that medical costs can be “crippling” in the USA.

90 Day Fiance Olga health scare

Fans urge Olga to just go to the ER

Very concerned fans thought that Olga must go to the ER. After all, kidney complications are very serious indeed. One follower commented, “I waited 2 days and ended up [with] septic shock that turned into sepsis. DO NOT HESITATE TO GO! Insurance or not you need to go…you can’t take the risk.”

One kindly 90 Day Fiance fan even offered to go and pick her up and take her to the ER if someone knew her address. And, another person noted how terribly “difficult” living in a foreign country must be. Especially, if the partner fails to step up.

Check back with us often to find out how this story about Olga’s health issue turns out.

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