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Yes, Ren Was Recast For ‘The Goldbergs’ Season 8

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If you thought Ren hit different during The Goldbergs Season 8 Premiere you weren’t seeing things. Unfortunately, this wasn’t just a change of appearance like we saw with Adam during Season 8, Episode 2. The reason why Ren hit differently is because she was different. A whole different person, in fact. Turns out, the production team ended up in a bit of a bind with The Goldbergs cast. And, they were forced to recast the role of Ren for Season 8.

Ren was recast for The Goldbergs Season 8

During Season 7, we were introduced to Ren (played by Kelli Berglund). Ren was brought in as a new college friend for Erica. Naturally, this also made her a love interest for Erica’s brother Barry. After all, why dip outside of your sister’s friend circle if you don’t have to?

Unfortunately, Kelli Berglund was cast for a series called Heels on Starz. While fans were happy for her, this left an opening in the cast. The production team would either need a new actress. Or, they would just write Ren out of the show. Fortunately for Barry, they found another actress.

Austin & Ally and Big Little Lies alum Carrie Wampler stepped into the role of Ren. Now, it goes without saying that the two actresses are not identical. But, Carrie looks similar enough to Kelli that they were able to make it work. As long as Carrie approaches the character with the same personality and flair… We don’t think Goldbergs fans will have an issue adjusting.

This isn’t the first time they recast a girlfriend

During Season 6, The Goldbergs hit fans with a different girlfriend recast. This one, however, was not embraced so well. Jackie Geary, Adam Goldberg’s love interest, was replaced. This recast was a problem because fans loved Rowan Blanchard. They thought she was perfect for the show.

According to The Whisp, the creator of the series set the record straight on the backlash. Turns out, it wasn’t their decision to recast Jackie for Season 6 of the series. Rowan Blanchard made the decision to walk away from the series. And, they were forced to replace her. So, Alexis G. Zall stepped into the role. Because the alternative was writing Jackie out of the series. And, that wasn’t something that made sense at the time.

Fortunately, we haven’t had to endure too many recasts. Nor have have we had to lose any of the bigger cast members of The Goldbergs. The question is: what do you think about the new Ren? Do you care about the recast? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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