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Duggar Mom Seems Unfazed That Kids Eat Off The Floor

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Duggar fans heard that Carlin Bates stayed with Joy-Anna Forsyth recently. Best of friends, they try and spend as much time together as possible. Carlin shared a few photos of the two of them outdoors, and wrote a nice message about her “bestie.” She also captured some footage of Joy-Anna’s kids and Joy shared it on her Instagram Stories. It revealed the kids on the floor, with Gideon eating directly off it with his mouth.

Duggar daughter Joy-Anna seems unfazed about Gideon eating off the floor

In the clips that Joy-Anna shared, she captioned the kid’s names, and just let them carry on. Well, it seems a bit odd that she never corrected Gideon, or tried to stop him. After all, eating off the floor could possibly give the kids tummy bugs or even worms. Granted, moms can’t keep their eyes fixed on the kids 24/7, no matter how much they try. But perhaps she could have explained to her son about why he shouldn’t eat off the floor?

Duggar fans like Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth. But, sometimes they pick up critics as well, who slap at her parenting skills. Mom Com reported on a post a mother shared a few years ago that reveals just one reason why kids shouldn’t eat off the floor. The outlet noted that one mom made sure her kid never ate anything off the floor. And, that possibly saved his life when he picked up a thyroid medication pill. He knew to give it to his mom rather than eat it.

Five-second rule out-dated

You may have heard of the “five-second rule.” Some people believe a few germs off the floor help build immunity. So, they allow the kids to eat off the floor on occasion. But CafeMom reported on a new study by scientists at San Diego State University. They studied a carrot and a sippy cup after they had been dropped in various places—counter tops, high-chair trays, tile floors, and carpet.” They found that the object “picked up a significant amount of germs.”

But, lots of parents think that toddlers won’t get sickly and die from it, so they don’t seem to mind. Much like Joy-Anna Duggar, perhaps it’s a matter of personal choice. Of course, if it worries you, you could always make sure the kids eat their snacks under supervision. Across the world, millions of toddlers probably eat their food off the floor and they don’t seem to drop like flies.

What do you think about Joy Duggar seeming unworried at all that Gidon eats off the floor? Do you think it’s a problem? Or, do you believe it really doesn’t matter as long as they build up some immunity to germs? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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