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Pregnant Stassi Schroeder Is Teaching Herself To Bake For This Reason

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Stassi Schroeder is turning into Suzy Homemaker. The Vanderpump Rules alum is preparing for the birth of her baby girl. She’s due to give birth sometime in January 2021. Until then, she’s getting her and Beau’s home ready.

The former reality star has documented the process on her Instagram Stories. Stassi shared the latest updates to her baby’s nursery and she’s going to be a spoiled princess. She made sure that her daughter will have an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) every day. And that she will be a witch in training.

Since then, Stassi’s organizational skills have improved. Now, she’s trying to improve her baking skills after learning to cook earlier this year.

Stassi Schroeder reveals why she’s learning to bake

On Sunday, October 25, the former Pump Rules star took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of a beautiful cake. Nope, it didn’t come from a magazine. In fact, Stassi Schroeder made it herself. She shared the half-eaten confectionery that’s topped with butter and strawberries.

On the photo, she jokingly wrote, “I’ve been teaching myself to bake so that my daughter doesn’t grow up resenting me for not knowing how to do ‘mom’ things.”

The sweet treat sat on a beautifully adorned white plate. On top sat a golden fork with a white handle. In the corner of the photo was a picture of a glass that held an orange liquid. Stassi enjoyed the dessert outside since it sat on an outdoor table.

stassi schroeder instagram stories
[Screenshot from Stassi’s Instagram Stories]

Former Bravo star had a massive cooking fail

Stassi Schroeder needs to improve her kitchen skills. Earlier this year, Stassi Schroeder shared her failed dinner on her Instagram Stories. It’s clear that Beau Clark is the chef out of the family. He even scored his own cooking show because of his impressive culinary skills.

Beau often shares his delicious dishes on Instagram. He loves being in the kitchen so much that he often makes Stassi dinner. But she wanted to have control of dinnertime, as she does with all things. Back in May, she tried to recreate her mother’s chicken pot pie. But according to her Instagram Stories post, she had a chicken “fail” that she was embarrassed to share.

Stassi reluctantly shared the final results on her Instagram Stories. She shared a plate of noodles with darkened chicken and red onions. Stassi explained: “I tried to make chicken Marsala, and it’s purple.” In the clip, Beau looked down at his plate and exclaimed: “It’s like Barney the Dinosaur’s food.”

stassi schroeder instagram stories
[Screenshot from Stassi’s Instagram Stories]
The “Straight Up With Stassi” podcast host told him that he didn’t have to eat the chicken. But she did want him to try it. The casting director took a bite and said, “Um, it’s … purple. And I love the fact that you were cooking, Stassi. But, um…”

Stassi gets an A for effort and thoughtfulness. So, this comes as no surprise to fans that Stassi needs to sharpen her skills in the kitchen. At least her dessert looks better than her massive chicken fail.

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