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Duggar Fans On Jinger’s Instagram Think Life As A Celeb Must Suck

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Duggar fans adore Jinger. But, not everyone who follows her loves her. Just like the rest of the family, trolls stalk their social media profiles, looking for opportunities to strike. Tiresome and frankly, boring as they are, they return even when loyal fans try and fight back. So, a few Counting On fans discussed how life as a celebrity must totally suck.

Duggar family criticism doesn’t slide past Jinger

Of all the family members, Jinger might be the least likely to garner trolls. After all, she’s young, attractive, never says anything nasty about anyone on her social media, and seems like a good mom. But, the trolls keep on coming. We reported that critics slammed her for wearing a mask. Usually, people get all hot under the collar when the Duggar family doesn’t wear their masks. But, hey, any reason to complain seems in fashion these days.

The Duggar family lives an unusual lifestyle in modern America. Very religious, they all lay a lot of priority on breeding. And, modern women hate the idea of girls who get channeled away from education and into making babies. But, their conservative and religious lifestyle appeals to many like-minded people who worry about a fall in social values. However, they also attract a lot of critics ready to pounce if they do something perceived as wrong. And so, Jinger gets her share of critics as well.

Jinger forestalls critics over a cup of pumpkin spice latte in hand

This week, Jinger shared a photo of herself holding a cup, and she looked bright and breezy. She captioned her post with, “Happy day with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. ☕️ It’s the little things. 🧡 🍁.” Certainly, it seems an innocent enough post. But, underneath it, she used the hashtag, “#yesitsdecaf.” Loyal fans picked up on the hashtag. Jinger’s pregnant, and most people frown on people drinking anything with caffeine in it.

However, the fact that the Duggar daughter felt compelled to even mention the decaff made TLC fans realize just how many people nitpick and criticize on social media. One fan wrote, “Your hashtag 😂 so glad I’m not famous, I’d hate dealing with people’s nitpicking!” And, another fan agreed, writing, “I… knowwwww don’t envy that AT ALL!” Then, another fan noted, “I’m sad you have to even write ‘it’s decaf.”

Being a celeb sucks fans think

Many people who troll on celebs say they “have the right” to voice an opinion. Mostly, they justify it by saying it’s the celebs fault for “putting their lives out there on TV.” But, it’s likely if they shared a photo and everyone who followed them said nasty things, they’d feel a bit differently about social media and trolling. Imagine if every photo shared required some sort of hashtag just to forestall nitpickers, trollers and critics? Yeah, those Duggar fans who think it sucks to be a celeb are probably correct.

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