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‘BiP’ Fans Admire Jade Roper’s ‘Raw Authenticity’ In Baby Bump Photo

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper Tolbert expects her third child. She and Tanner Tolbert already raise Emmy and Brooks. But, in celebration of her motherhood, it’s clear she can’t wait for this third baby’s arrival. Recently, she shared a photo that Tanner took, and fans love the “raw authenticity” of it.

BiP star Jade shares baby bump photos

Jade suggested that this might be their final baby. So, she celebrates her baby bump with deep passion. Fans saw that she shared her official maternity photo. And, she posed with angel wings, which seemed rather adorable. We reported, “Jade completed a beautiful and unique maternity photo shoot. She [looked] absolutely stunning as she posed for the photos she will treasure forever.”

Then, on October 14, Jade shared a less glamorous photo. Nevertheless, fans went crazy over it. Obviously, Jade enjoys motherhood, And, she treasures the entire experience by capturing as many moments pre-birth as she can. In the latest photo, Tanner shot the picture. And, at first, she didn’t like it. But, looking back, she feels that it captures the entire motherhood experience. And, her many BiP fans agreed with her.

Raw and authentic Jade

Jade shared a photo that revealed her without pants on. She held her son Brooks, and in front, the Bachelor in Paradise star’s daughter Emmy held a soft toy. Jade held her smartphone in one hand. And, behind her, all the signs of motherhood showed. One tiny little pair of undies was slung over the back of a chair. Jade wore her hair up in a bun, posing in her underwear, and a tank top. So, fans got a full view of that baby bump.

The BiP alum wrote, “In case you thought my pregnancy is just glamorous photos of me in angel wings 😉.” Then she revealed the more normal state of her “everyday life.”  Jade noted. “at least one kid always attached to me.” Then, she mentioned her “weird mom bun.” Jade also spoke about just letting the “belly” hang out. After all, it “feels better and…’what are pants anyway?”

Finally, Jade said that she felt a “mad” with Tanner “for taking this picture of me.” However, she noted, “I’ve actually grown to love it because I want to be able to look back at what it was really like raising my babies. ❤️”

Reality of motherhood

Fans agreed that motherhood looks perfect on Jade Roper. One ABC fan wrote, “I legit admire your raw authenticity! Hence why you are one of my faves from Bachelor Nation.” And, another one said, “love this!!! It’s the little undies on the back of the chair for me! 😂 You…[rock] motherhood lady! 😘”

What do you think of the raw and authentic photo that reveals Jade Roper’s baby bump? Do you agree that the BiP mom really rocks motherhood? Sound off in the comments below.

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