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Lindsie Chrisley Gets Candid About Mom Guilt & Separation Anxiety

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We know Lindsie Chrisley Campbell is traveling to Philadelphia. It, however, doesn’t appear as if her husband or son Jackson are tagging along. So, this might be a much needed mommy getaway for Lindsie!

Lindsie Chrisley Campbell gets candid about mom guilt and separation anxiety.

It is perfectly healthy for a mom to want and need a little time away from their child (or children). And, it is even healthy for her to want a little time away from her husband. So, this solo trip could be a mental health vacation that Lindsie didn’t even know she needed! That being said, the thought of spending time away from her son Jackson hasn’t been easy to accept. And, Lindsie really wanted to discuss it with her Instagram followers.

“From the day that I booked this trip Jackson & I have been anxious. For the last eight months, we haven’t been apart. I’m sure a ton of y’all can relate.” Lindsie Chrisley Campbell penned near the beginning of her lengthy caption.

The black sheep of the Chrisley Knows Best family knew this post would be something the mothers in her Instagram following would relate to. Regardless of how old or young a person’s child is, it never gets easier to be away from them.

Typical mama, we want the break, but when we get it we don’t know what to do with ourselves. These months have been some of the most precious memories & I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

The mother-of-one is excited, but continues to think about Jackson.

Lindsie is excited and grateful to have the opportunity to get away. But, that isn’t stopping her from thinking about her son. And, appreciating the sweet boy she has raised. While it was bittersweet, she found comfort in knowing Jackson would miss his momma too.

“Jackson hugged me tight this afternoon & said, ‘I’m going to miss you.’ My mama heart hurts, but the show must go on,” she added toward the end of her post.

Lindsie also jested in the caption she was probably overpacked. And, she definitely looked a little tired in the photo! But, her followers hoped she would push the anxiety and mom guilt aside. They wanted her to have a good time.

“You said it! The break feels good, but the I miss her so much. After a day or two your body sill be thankful for the rest for a few days. Have a great time ladies,” one follower penned.

Other followers admitted they were looking forward to her cheesesteak reviews.

So, do you suffer from mom guilt and separation anxiety? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.


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