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Fans Think They Know Who Michelle Duggar’s Favorite Children Are

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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar rose to fame for opting out of birth control and letting God decide how many children they should be blessed with. The TLC parents ended up having so many children together many of their followers have a hard time believing Michelle and Jim Bob actually gave each child the love and attention they deserved. In fact, the parents are regularly under fire for forcing their older children to help care for the younger children.

Now, it isn’t exactly appropriate for any parent to have a favorite when it comes to their children. But, it happens. And, with so many eyes on the Duggar family it isn’t too surprising that they would notice Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar favoring some of their children. A recent thread on the DuggarSnark Subreddit, however, has some followers of the family talking. And, they believe they’ve nailed down Michelle and Jim Bob’s favorite children.

The Duggar family celebrates Johannah’s 15th birthday.

Michelle and Jim Bob took to their official Duggar family Instagram to wish their daughter Johannah a happy birthday. The post accumulated a lot of love on Instagram. But, it accumulated a lot of hate on Reddit. For starters, Duggar Snarks pointed out it wouldn’t be long. Long until she was married with children. And, that made them sad for the young girl.

The topic, however, took a bit of a side bar in the Reddit thread. Instead, many Duggar followers wanted to discuss Michelle Duggar’s favorite child. And, they believe they have nailed down who that might be.

So, does Michelle Duggar have a favorite child?

Well, for starters, fans and trolls alike seem to agree that Josh Duggar is an obvious favorite child. He did some truly horrible things to his sisters. And, he has a lot of demons in his closet. But, his parents forgave him. And, he lives in a warehouse on his parents property. Presumably rent and bill free. 

They, however, suspect Michelle Duggar has a few other favorites. And, here’s what they are saying in response to the birthday tribute to Johannah.

  • “Reading this I was ready to peg her as the one to break free, but everyone is saying shes a favorite child so maybe not.”
  • “I feel like this is the first child Michelle has said she was glad she was chosen to be her Mom.”
  • “She could be one of Meech’s favorites since was the first daughter after a series of six boys.”
  • “Johannah has always been a favorite. Even when she was a kid, Michelle talked about how she was just like Johannah at that age with a fondness she’s never used for any of the other younger kids.”

So, Duggar Snarks seem to agree Johannah and Josh are the favorites of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. They also believe Jessa and Joy are pretty high on the list. The real question is simple: Do you think Michelle Duggar has a favorite child?

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