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‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Tayshia Adams Final Four, Plus Speculation On ‘Messy’ Ending

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Reality Steve is dishing out some much anticipated spoilers about The Bachelorette. Many already know that Clare Crawley found love early on. This led to Tayshia Adams being named the second Bachelorette of the 2020 season. Now, Steve is sharing some spoilers about her portion of the show.

Reality Steve shares Tayshia spoilers

Steve went to his blog Wednesday to share what he knows about Tayshia’s time as The Bachelorette. He said as far as the men competing for Tayshia’s heart, none were ones Clare had sent home during a rose ceremony. So, Clare started with 31 men at the beginning of the season. She sent 14 of them home. Therefore, Tayshia was left with 16 of the men who had actually met Clare.

According to Steve, these men are, Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Ivan Hall, Blake Moynes, Ed Waisbrot, Demar Jackson, Brendan Morais, Kenny Braasch, Jason Foster, Tyler Cottrill, Ben Smith, Jay Smith, Eazy, Zac Clark, Riley Christian and Bennett Jordan.

So, there are four men who were brought in that had not met Clare or Tayshia. They are Spencer Robertson, Montel Hill, Peter Giannikopoulos and Noah Erb. Two other names were also thrown around, but Steve is unsure if they met Tayshia or were never on the show. They are Gary Briggs and Karl Smith. So, if he’s right, Tayshia had 20 men for her part of the season. And, according to Steve, Spencer received Tayshia’s first impression rose.

Her Final Four

Steve does not have concrete answers yet on how the men were told about Clare leaving and Tayshia taking over. He still awaits concrete information for that part. If his predictions are correct, she will be introduced as the new lead during episode 4.

So, with all that said, Steve is almost positive he knows Tayshia’s final four. They are Ben Smith
Zac Clark, Brendan Morais and Ivan Hall. However, this is 100% written in stone. He said, “I say almost positive because things were done so differently this season. I’m hearing guys outside of final 4 had family/friends brought into the bubble to meet Tayshia, but I’ve been unable to confirm that. I don’t know if we have a traditional final 4 where, once you’re down to 4, that’s where they meet family, then once we’re down to 3, it’s overnight dates, then when it’s down to 2, they meet Tayshia’s family, etc. Maybe that did happen, maybe it didn’t. I think those are her four based on what sources gave to me, timing of when I received it, and where it came from.”

Tayshia’s ending reportedly gets messy

Also, when the season was a few weeks from wrapping up, Steve heard Brendan and Ivan were front-runners. He is unsure at this time if that is true. Steve said, “I do know that I have a picture of Ivan on set dressed up very late into filming, so he’s gotta be in the final 3 at least. I know people online have emailed me saying Ben’s sister Madalyn told everyone he’s final 2 or something like that, but that’s not been confirmed and I haven’t been told that. Could be true, could not.”

So, even more interesting, Steve reported he has heard from multiple sources that Tayshia’s ending was “messy.” In fact, he doesn’t believe there is a normal ending to her season. He said, “I’ve just been told repeatedly the ending of her season was “messy” and full of drama. So do with that what you will.”

He doesn’t know exactly what this means. However, he’s assured fans an update as soon as he has concrete information.

The wait is almost over and fans will get to this truly dramatic season play out beginning October 13 on ABC.

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