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Lisa Rinna Gets Roasted For Promoting Her New Beauty Venture

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Lisa Rinna had no idea what she was getting herself into. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star launched a new venture. Enter Rinna Beauty. The reality star is finally banking off her signature lips.

Rinna Beauty features a line of lip kits in various colors. But not everyone loves the idea of her new venture. The 57-year-old got roasted in one of her recent posts for Rinna Beauty. While Rinna wants to focus on lipstick, most slammed her for her behavior on Season 10 of RHOBH.

Taking to her social media to promote her new business, she didn’t receive the kind of reaction she anticipated.

An overwhelming amount of comments

On Saturday, September 26, Lisa Rinna posted a behind-the-scenes clip of her beauty brand. In the video, she wears nothing but a leather jacket. Rinna puckers her lips as she shows off her lipstick. However, the background music makes it difficult to hear what she’s saying.

“Say Rinna Beauty! A little bts with @gregswalesart πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ Is going to ship internationally you guys!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!! πŸ’„πŸ’«βœ¨ @rinnabeauty,” she wrote in the caption.

Rinna is clearly excited about her new venture. However, not all fans feel that way. Intead of talking lipstick, they want to talk about her loose lips. Here are some out of the 1,000 comments Rinna received:

  • “Bullying is your thing this season.”
  • “Very disappointed in you.”
  • “Sorry, can’t support bullies in any shape or form.”
  • “I don’t like her anymore! She showed her true colors!”
  • “Love you until this season, and unfortunately your true colors came out!!”

Other fans slammed Rinna for her makeup look. They felt that she was wearing too much makeup in the video. And then some accused her of “false advertising” since she used a filter in the video. “False advertising for your beauty line? Not a good look,” one follower wrote.

Rinna remained unbothered. She followed up with another video about her beauty line. In the clip, she wore a gray herringbone blazer as she carefully applies her lipstick. In that post, followers slammed Rinna for having too much Botox and fillers. So far, Rinna Beauty is taking off on a rough start.

Lisa Rinna faces boycott from RHOBH viewers

While she clearly wants to expand her empire, not everyone wants to support her. As per The Blast, viewers flooded her Instagram account with a call to boycott her products. They also took to Twitter and other social media platforms to do the same. Here’s what RHOBH fans are saying on Twitter:

  • “@lisarinna boycott all her products. Do not support bullying. Please help us out.”
  • “All the makeup won’t make your soul pretty.”
  • “Girl, nobody wants the Rinna look, your entire face looks like you are having an allergic reaction and you slathered it sparkle and colored it with every single crayon in the big box. It’s just yikes.”

Viewers aren’t happy with Rinna for how she treated Denise Richards during Season 10. Some even blame her for Denise’s exit. Rinna Beauty has launched, but the products aren’t available for purchase. And it doesn’t look like anyone is interested as of yet.

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