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‘Storage Wars’: Brandi Passante Joins Cameo, Offers To End Relationships

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Storage Wars alum Brandi Passante finally gave in to the demands of her fans and joined Cameo. And, her 216,000 Instagram followers couldn’t be happier. Now, if you aren’t familiar with the site Cameo you might be a little confused. What exactly does Brandi Passante joining Cameo mean? Well, keep reading as we have all the details!

What is Cameo, anyway?

Cameo is more or less a tame version of OnlyFans. On the FAQ, Cameo describes itself as a marketplace. A marketplace that allows fans to purchase personalized videos from their favorite influencers, stars, celebs, etc. Cameo also offers the opportunity for fans to have a personal chat with a icon of their choosing. Cameo prices vary depending on the celeb, icon, star, or influencer.

Most celebrities, stars, and influencers with a Cameo account have it linked on their social media profiles or in a link tree attached to their social media profiles. But, you can also just search an individual’s name on Cameo to see if they have an account.

Brandi Passante joins Cameo, makes interesting offer.

Now, Brandi Passante took to Instagram a few hours ago to announce she finally decided to do it. She decided to join Cameo. After announcing that she finally decided to join, she went through a short list of the time of personalized videos she was offering to her fans. She explained she was able to say happy birthday, give a personalized greeting, or say happy anniversary. Brandi Passante even joked she was willing to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend for you. And, she even had lots of bad advice if anyone needed it.

She encouraged her fans to head over to Cameo and hit her up if they were interested in some personalized content. Now, based on her profile, it appears as if she’s had the account for at least a few days. And, she’s already had one purchase. The individual gave her a glowing review of five stars.

Brandi Passante also offers the opportunity to chat with her for $19.99. The details on what exactly is offered during a Cameo chat is a little unclear. But, it sounds as if you get a brief text based conversation with your star of choice.

Does anyone else from Storage Wars have an account?

Now, you might be wonder, does anyone else from Storage Wars have a Cameo account? Turns out, Brandi Passante is not alone. But, if you’ve never watched any of the Storage Wars spin offs, you might not recognize this other one.

Ursula Stolf from Storage Wars: Northern Treasures also has a Cameo account. Ursula only charges $30 for a personalized video. And, she only charges $9.99 for a chat. Storage Wars fans assume she charges significantly less because she isn’t as popular as Brandi.

But, she definitely IS the Brandi Passante of Storage Wars: Northern Treasures. She is the extremely attractive bidder that really doesn’t look like she belongs digging around storage units.

Unfortunately,  Storage Wars: Northern Treasures — which takes place in Canada — was short lived. The series only lasted for two seasons. And, finished production a pretty long time ago.

Ursula Stolf also stays pretty active on Instagram. Her account has nearly 40,000 followers.

So, what do you think about Brandi Passante joining Cameo? Are you going to hit her up for a video?


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