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Jason Duggar Defends Justin’s Relationship With Claire Spivey

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Jason Duggar (a.k.k Jase Duggar) took to Instagram recently to congratulate his brother Justin on his new courtship with Claire Spivey. He proceeded to tease his brother not to forget about him and the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, what was intended to be a sweet congratulations post to his brother got tainted. It was tainted by trolls and critics lurking in the comments. Some followers of the Duggar family that aren’t so happy about the relationship.

Some urge Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey to take it slow because they are young.

Now, not everyone agrees with the way the Duggar family lives their life. That, however, doesn’t change how obsessed both those who love and those who hate the family are. Unfortunately for Justin and Claire, a lot of followers of the family are taking issue with the courtship. Namely, they are taking issue with how young Justin and Claire are. It, however, is important to keep in mind there is a difference between courting and being engaged. Moreover, Justin is almost 18 years old. And, his girlfriend is 19. Still, some are urging the young Duggar to take things slow.

“Now hopefully they’re allowed to date for a few years and actually get to know each other. They’re too young to get married right away and start pumping out babies.” One individual penned in the comments of Jason’s Instagram post.

The comment wasn’t just taking a dig at Justin and Claire. It was taking a dig at the family as a whole. The individual took issue with how young Duggars get married. How quickly they start having children. And, how many children they have.

Jason Duggar is happy to defend his brother.

Now, Jason Duggar is a few years older than Justin. And, he wasn’t interested in the negativity creeping into the comments of his post. In fact, he was happy to defend his younger brother and his girlfriend. Jason was quick to remind his Instagram followers they only see what is on television and social media. And, they certainly don’t know everything there is to know about the family.

“They’ve been getting to know each other for awhile already,” Jason Duggar clapped back at the critical comment. He, however, didn’t think it mattered how long Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey knew each other. And, he clarified. “When you know, you know,” he added to his response.

Other followers said “amen” to Jason’s defense of Justin and Claire.

One follower chimed in with more detailed support: “Plenty of people marry the first person they date/court. We all take different paths and that’s perfectly okay! Being less judgmental of others choices is a wonderful way to feel peace in our hearts and love each other.”

Many others called the individual “rude” and a clown for leaving such a negative comment. Overall, Jason’s followers thought his support of his brother Justin was sweet.

So, what do you think about Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey?

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