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Pregnant With Baby #7? Anna Duggar Responds To Curious Fans

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Pregnant speculations and rumors are par for the course when you reside under the Duggar family tree and it seems as if fans have their sights set on Anna. Is Anna Duggar pregnant with baby #7? Some Counting On fans certainly seem to think so. And, they haven’t been shy about it in the comments. Fortunately, Anna Duggar caught wind of the pregnancy chatter in her comments. And, she was happy to respond. So, are Anna and Josh Duggar expecting? Here’s what we know.

Is baby #7 on the way for Anna and Josh Duggar?

Chances are pretty good Anna Duggar isn’t too shaken up by pregnancy speculation. After all, she’s given birth to six children with her husband Josh. So, she’s been a hot topic in the baby Duggar world. But, are they having baby #7 already? Some fans seem to think so.

Turns out, Anna and Josh Duggar are NOT having baby #7. At least not any time soon.

Responding to a few different curious fans, Anna Duggar shut down the pregnancy chatter. In fact, she assured her followers she and her husband were enjoying the children they already had. And, she really didn’t sound like she was rushing to have another child just yet.

As of now we are enjoying our 6 kids God has given us! Nursing gives me a nice break between babies so it will probably be a little while before that’s a possibility.”

Now, some found the response a little bizarre as nursing has little to do with the ability or inability to get pregnant. In fact, it is not uncommon for a woman to be both nursing and pregnant. But, it does sound like she’s enjoying the six children she has and isn’t rushing to add another baby to the mix.

“FYI, I’m not pregnant… just had a couple cinnamon rolls for breakfast.” Anna Duggar responded to a separate individual on Instagram.

Some followers thought Anna looked pregnant. But, Anna insisted she was just a little bloated because of a recent meal.

Counting On fans compare the couple to Michelle and Jim Bob.

Anna and Josh Duggar are often compared to Michelle and Jim Bob. Anna Duggar is 32 years old. And, she already has six children. By comparison, Michelle Duggar was 43 when she had Josie. Now, there is no set age on when a woman stops being able to have babies. So, Anna could certainly have another 10 to 15 years in which to have additional babies with her husband Josh depending on her own body’s capabilities.

So, unless Anna and Josh Duggar just aren’t ready to go public with the news… It does not seem as if she is pregnant with baby #7 at this time. But, that likely won’t squash all the pregnancy rumors.

Did you think she looked pregnant? Sound off in the comments. And, stick with us for the latest Duggar news!

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