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Lindsie Chrisley Gets Candid: What Broke Her Relationship With Her Family?

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Lindsie Chrisley is considered the black sheep of the Chrisley Knows Best family. The unfortunate truth, is there are a lot of fans who don’t like receiving updates on her. But, for better or worse, she’ll always be Todd Chrisley’s daughter. You can’t change your parents. 

Turns out, she was feeling especially candid on Instagram recently.

Now, Lindsie Chrisley is an open book on Instagram. As we’ve previously reported, her followers are always noting how refreshing she is as a social media influencer. She makes a HUGE effort to respond to as many follower comments as possible. So, if you have something to say to Lindsie, leave a comment on her profile. There is a very good chance she’ll see it. She may even respond. 

According to Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Lindsie Chrisley recently had a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories. Unsurprisingly, her fans wanted to discuss her relationship with her family. Was there any chance they would be mending bridges any time soon?

Lindsie Chrisley doubts Todd will ever make amends with her.

Unfortunately, the black sheep of the family does not see a world where she and her father make amends. She believes the bridge connecting her to her father is burned completely.

Lots of this same question & the short answer is no. I wish everyone the best that life has to offer. But I have moved on & am in a very healthy place. Everything happens exactly as it’s suppose to & all God’s plan. I put all of my faith in this.”

Now, Lindsie was not negative or hateful in her response. In fact, she wished the very best life for her family. It just turned out the best life for her and her family was in two different places. And, she did not have a problem with this. In fact, she believed everything happened the way it was supposed to. If she for some reason is supposed to come back to her parents one day, she would probably embrace that too. But, she certainly isn’t extending any olive branches.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram Stories
[Lindsie Chrisley Instagram Stories]

What broke her relationship with her family?

In a separate question, one follower asks if Todd ever acknowledges the fact that Savannah isn’t his only daughter. Lindsie Chrisley did entertain the question. And, she dishes a little info on what she believed ultimately broke the family.

Turns out, Lindsie Chrisley blames the reality TV show for breaking her relationship with her family. She believes the series created the narrative that Todd favored Savannah. And, the drama in real life grew from there. Lindsie, however, insisted she wouldn’t go into more details about this right now. But, maybe that meant she would in the future.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram Stories
[Lindsie Chrisley Instagram Stories]
The question is: do you think Chrisley Knows Best is what broke up this family? Did reality TV kill Todd’s relationship with his daughter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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