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‘Big Brother’ All-Stars: Janelle Pierzina Expresses Disgust For Nicole Franzel And Love For Kaysar

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Tensions were definitely running high in the Big Brother house prior to Janelle Pierzina being evicted. She had a big target on her back from the moment she walked in the house. Everyone knows Janelle is a legend. She may even have an enemy. Janelle and Nicole Franzel obviously do not see eye to eye. So what does Janelle have to say now?

The tension between Janelle and Nicole

Entertainment Tonight had all the dirt on what Janelle had to say about Nicole following her eviction. They have a history and Janelle said she has no desire to pursue a relationship with Nicole outside the house.

Janelle said, “We played the Amazing Race together and there are situations and scenarios and gameplay that she did where I saw something in her. I did not trust her because she backstabbed someone.” She continued, “So when I saw her in the house, cool, we had this little past friendship but it is hard for me. I never trusted her. She is very insecure and I knew that going in, and I have to constantly tell her she is good. I just could not keep up with it, honestly, in the house, and obviously she had such an alliance to me at this point. She knows I don’t like her.”

She even continued on saying she can’t stand Nicole’s “whining and her voice is insufferable to me. I absolutely hate hearing her voice.”

Nicole obviously feels the same

When fellow houseguests goodbyes were played for Janelle, Nicole’s was shown. Nicole said Janelle should not bother coming to her wedding. And, Janelle says no problem. She had no intention of going to the wedding anyway. However, she said will be classy and send the newlyweds a gift.

She went on to say, “I will not have a relationship with Nicole Franzel once this season has wrapped. I have no desire to maintain that sort of relationship with her and I’ve never trusted her and honestly…I just, I don’t like her gameplay. That’s it.”

Janelle calls Kaysar her best friend in the Big Brother house

While she didn’t want to leave, Janelle is glad Kaysar gets a chance to keep playing. She admitted she wants to see how well he will do without her in the house helping him.

Janelle said, “I think he’ll do all right. I mean, obviously he’s still a big, huge target because he knows the alliance in the house. He will absolutely go after those guys. You know, it all comes down to who wins power. If one of the people not in that alliance wins power, I think there’s a very good chance that they do go after the alliance.”

A word of advice she has for her friend is to stay away from Memphis. She says Kaysar should not trust Memphis.

She does’t know who will walk away the winner of All Stars. However, she is hoping it Enzo. She said he’s a single dad and great guy.

Stay tuned for more on Big Brother. 

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