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Tyler Cameron Has Been ‘Zoom’ Dating Like Everyone Else

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Tyler Cameron isn’t letting quarantine keep him out of the dating game. The Bachelorette star reveals he has been on some Zoom dates.

Tyler Cameron is still dating

Tyler is looking for love, and the pandemic isn’t going to stop him. According to US Weekly, he has been going on Zoom dates to keep the romance hunt alive. It sounds like when the world opens up again, he will be ready to go.

“You know, [during] quarantine [it] has been tough to date,” Tyler said. “I’ve kinda just been staying low-key and hanging with my people and that’s it, you know? But as the world opens up, maybe I’ll get more of the dating, but I’ve had some Zoom dates here and there.”

Like everyone else, Tyler is facing the challenges of online dating and online relationships in general. It’s taking some adjusting for him, but everyone seems to be making it through okay.

“It’s chatting over the phone and I don’t know, it was fun,” he revealed. “It was cool. I was a little nervous ’cause I don’t know how it’s going to go. So maybe I had a couple too many wines before, but it made for interesting, fun conversation.”

Tyler and Hannah

Tyler also revealed that he and Hannah have talked about what their lives would look like if they ended up together at the end of The Bachelorette. And, its something that Tyler still thinks about.

“[It’s] definitely something I think about,” Tyler revealed. “And we’ve talked about [it] before. There’s all these what-ifs, but you can’t live in that world. What-ifs will kill you. You know? So, I try to stay away from that kind of thinking.”

While they would be a super cute couple, it’s understandable where Tyler is coming from. Right now, they seem to be living their own lives and having fun. Maybe someday they will be brought back together. At least, Tyler and Hannah fans can hope that they are.

Despite their failed romance, Tyler still has nothing but nice things to say about Hannah. He seems to have a realistic thought process on why they weren’t able to make it work now.

“She’s an incredible person. There’s no doubt that I think we would have been just fine but we kind of went our [separate] ways and are different people than what we were then. So, I may seem a little different, a little more difficult,” Tyler said.

Have you been zoom dating like Tyler Cameron? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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