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‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Pokes Fun At Adam Busby’s ‘Girl Ankles’

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Dale Mills, more affectionately known by OutDaughtered fans as Uncle Dale, recently poked fun at Adam Busby for his “girl ankles.” And, for the most part, fans seemed to be here for the fun banter. Married into the Busby family, fans of the reality TV series really seem to love Uncle Dale.

Adam Busby recently enjoyed quality time with his girls.

As we previously reported, Adam Busby isn’t afraid to do things that aren’t considered manly if it means spending a little quality time with his girls. Busby has shown on multiple occasions doesn’t hesitate to jump into whatever “girly” activity his girls are currently doing. He believes it is more important to build great memories with his girls than to worry about what type of activities they are doing together.

According to his most recent Instagram post, Adam Busby recently joined Blayke and some of her friends for a sleepover. During the sleepover, he allowed Blayke to paint his nails. Blayke, as well as all of her friends, had huge smiles on their faces. And, it was certainly refreshing to see Adam spending a little one-on-one time with Blayke.

Uncle Dale Mills poked fun at Adam in the comments.

Mixed into the fan comments on the post, Uncle Dale chimed in. He, however, was more interested in poking fun at Adam Busby for the girly picture.

“Did they make you wear capris too? #girlankles” Uncle Dale jested in the comments. Noticeably, Adam was either rocking capris. Or, he just had his pants rolled up enough to where his ankles were showing. Either way, Uncle Dale seized an opportunity to poke a little fun at him.

And, Uncle Dale, wasn’t alone in getting in on the funny banter. His wife Crystal Mills, affectionately known as Aunt KiKi, also got in on the fun. She praised her husband for a “good one.” And, she included laughing while crying emojis.

OutDaughtered fans reacted to the funny banter between the family.

Fans always enjoy seeing the Busby family interact on social media. And, they were here for this banter. Some even jumped in and joined Uncle Dale in poking fun at Adam. It, however, was all in good spirit. Everyone loves Adam Busby. Here’s some of what Adam’s Instagram followers had to say.

  • “That was my question.”
  • “He’s Definitely Not Taking Off The Yeezys To Get His Toes Painted.”
  • “Where’s yours? I think you need glitter polish.”
  • “Reminds me of the time you and Buzz did makeup with the girls.”

Some were quick to remind Uncle Dale that he also jumped in and participated in makeovers and beauty sessions with the girls from time to time.

So, what do you think about Uncle Dale poking fun at Adam Busby? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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