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Did Savannah Chrisley Act Spoiled Over Milk & Cookies Gift From Celeb Stylist Chad Bryant?

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Did Savannah Chrisley just act like the spoiled child her brother Kyle described in 2014? On Monday, she and celeb stylist Chad Bryant went out for a ride in the car. Chad gave her some milk and cookies as a gift on National Milk and Cookies Day and she seemed pretty disgusted by it. The Chrisley Knows Best star shared a video clip of it on her Instagram Stories.

Did Savannah reveal her spoiled side when she rejected the milk and cookies gift?

In October last year, we reported that Lindsie Chrisley called out Savannah as “fake.” Lindsie wrote, “@savannahchrisley honey your fakery is up. Stop playing all sides like you’ve always done to get yourself ahead. You’re fake & you need help.” Clearly, problems in the family remained unresolved. But, that’s quite harsh coming from a sibling on social media. However, criticism from siblings doesn’t end there. Savannah got included in a call that her brother Kyle made in 2014.

Kyle talked with the Mail Online and slammed his dad Todd for spoiling the kids. He complained, “he’s ruined me and he’s ruined the other three kids he’s had who are spoiled.” Well, when Growing Up Chrisley premiered last year, it showed Chase and Savannah living in a very stylish home in LA. Many fans thought that they seemed incredibly spoiled. Perhaps Savannah Chrisley got spoiled because her dad’s wealthy, and that’s why she rejected Chad’s gift of milk and cookies.

Celeb stylist Chad Bryant buys Savannah Chrisley some milk and cookies

Savannah took to her Instagram Stories and shared a few clips that she filmed while sitting in the car. She waited for Chad to come back out and complained he took the car heys with him. Joking, she said that possibly he didn’t “trust” her with the keys. Actually, she smiled but seemed quite annoyed that he left her in the car. Savannah said, “Ok y’all, well first off, he left me in the car and took the keys and turned the car off.”

She slammed Chad as an awful driver. But, admitted her own “terrible” driving skills. But when Chad returned, he gifted Savannah some milk and cookies. Most people might say “thanks” to a friend for that. Politeness means thanking friends for caring gestures, no matter how small. But Savannah Chrisley responded with, “Great, you just gave me something to throw up on.” Actually, she seemed equally unimpressed when he mentioned “National Milk and Cookies Day.”

Savannah Chrisley spoiled
Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories

Well, that smacks of a spoiled child who throws a tantrum on Christmas Day when they didn’t get the present they hope for. What do you think? Could Savanaha Chrisley have not come out with a graceful “thanks” and just not eaten them if she felt so strongly about it? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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