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Jamie Otis Shares Cryptic Post: ‘Last Week Broke Me’

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In a new social media post on Sunday afternoon, Jamie Otis shares a cryptic message. The Married at First Sight star kicked off a new Instagram post with, “Last week broke me in ways I never expected.” Then, the Bachelor alum continues, “We’re home now & I’ll share more, but first I’m going to snuggle this little guy until he falls asleep & then I’m going to take the longest, deepest, most relaxing nap.🙏🏻 Daddy has Gracie & I am exhausted.😴Mamas getting her rest & not feeling guilty for it!

Along with the cryptic message, the mom of two shares a series of photos of herself and her two-month-old son laying in bed. In one of them, the mom is kissing her baby on the head.

While Jamie doesn’t offer an explanation for her cryptic message in this caption, she is promising to share more details soon.

While Jamie posted on her Instagram page, her husband Doug hasn’t shared any new posts for a few days. Jamie also hasn’t shared any updates on her Instagram stories.

Jamie Otis’ followers express concern

In response to Jamie’s recent post, her Instagram followers are curious about what’s going on. Though they do want to know what happened, but they are more concerned about Jamie and her family. Most importantly, they just want her to be okay. In the comments section, plenty of fans are offering their best wishes for her.

They are encouraging her to get some rest and take care of herself. Others are saying that they are praying for her and thinking of her. Plenty more are just leaving heart emojis to show their love and support for her.

Jamie even responded to a couple of comments. In response to one commenter, she said, “I am *beyond thankful* for Doug. He is my best friend, my Rock, my everything.”

When will Jamie share more?

It’s unclear when Jamie Otis will reveal what happened last week. Fans are hopeful that an explanation will come sooner, rather than later because she appears to be upset. But, it could be longer than that. Nobody knows when she will offer clarification for this post. In the meantime, her fans will be on the lookout. They truly seem to be concerned about her, as shown in the comments section of her cryptic post.

So, do you have any idea what Jamie Otis’ post might be about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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