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‘Storage Wars’ Darrell Sheets Tries Being Funny, Gets Blasted For Supporting Donald Trump

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Storage Wars Darrell Sheets took a stab at posting a comedic video on Instagram today. Unfortunately, his funny video backfired when he made the mistake of revealing his support of President Donald Trump. Turns out, “The Gambler” has a lot of Instagram followers who do not support Donald Trump. And, they were not happy to learn Darrell did.

Darrell Sheets tries being funny, TikTok style.

“The Gambler” posted a short video clip telling a fictional story. Darrell Sheets explained that today was a “tough day” for him. He went out to buy school clothing for Zoie.

Now, he explains that four individuals dressed in black with their faces covered approached him. And, he speculated that it was likely Dave Hester (also from Storage Wars) and some of his henchmen.

After the four individuals approached him, they asked if he was a Donald Trump support. Without hesitation, Darrell noted that “h*** yes, I’m a Trump supporter.”

Darrell Sheets reveals they didn’t like his answer. So, they waved a large black stick (that looked like a piece of antique furniture) at him. Then, they order him to get out of the vehicle. At first, he told the individuals no. But, there were four of them. And, they had a weapon. So, he decided to get out of the car.

The individuals proceeded to ask Darrell Sheets to get on his knees and “sh** his pants.” Darrell Sheets said this was where he draws the line. He admitted that anyone who watches Storage Wars or knows him knows he will do anything to avoid “sh*ting his pants.”

Darrell claims he snatched the black stick out of their hands. And, then, proceeded to assault them all.

Before the video stops recording, Darrell Sheets turns and walks away. With his back toward the camera. His followers notice the seat of his pants appear to be soiled. As if he did actually “sh** himself.”

Now, chances are pretty good this is a fictional story. After all, why would he have the stick they threatened him with if he soiled his pants? But, his Instagram followers had a hard time enjoying the humor of it.

The Storage Wars star gets blasted for supporting Trump.

Unfortunately, most of Darrell Sheets followers had a hard time enjoying the funny video. They got hung up on him admitting to being a Trump follower. Some questioned if the Trump following thing was a joke. Others noted they would have to unfollow him because of this information.

“Oh Darrell you lost your mind supporting trump he’s not doing nothing good for this country cause he lost his mind also,” one individual complained.

Another chimed in: “Got to block you…too bad.”

“I hope you’re not actually a trump supporter. you were my favorite on storage wars you are too kind to be a trump supporter!!!!!” A third agreed.

The Storage Wars star didn’t silently take the backlash though. “Go goodbye you little panty liner,” he penned in response to one individual threatening to unfollow him.

To another, he agreed he must’ve lost his mind then because he did support Trump.

So, does Darrell Sheets of Storage Wars supporting Trump change your opinion of him? Tell us about it in the comments.


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