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Jeremy Vuolo Rocks Longer Hair During Coronavirus

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Jeremy Vuolo loves wearing his trademark suits and ties. He also keeps his hair very short. And, his beard usually gets closely trimmed to a fine stubble, more like a shadow than an actual beard. But, he shared on Tuesday that he let his beard and his hair grow out during the coronavirus. Of course, it helped that lots of barbershops closed. Counting On fans love how he rocks longer hair these days.

Jeremy Vuolo grows out his hair for the second time in his life

In June, Jeremy posted about the coronavirus and how the family copes during the lockdown. At the time he said, “I think we realized how exhausted we were from running all over the place and how badly we needed to simply STOP and enjoy each other.” Now, he says that Jinger sounded very “curious” about him sporting long hair. So, he took advantage of the shutdown to grow it out. The photo he shared shows a way different-looking Jeremy than Duggar fans are used to. 

In his caption, he told his fans that ages ago, he wore his hair grown out. He said his grandpa really liked it long, and said he’s got “a fine head of hair.” Well, even Jinger, Jeremy Vuolo’s wife never saw him with it before. So, the picture sparked a lot of interest among fans. Jeremy mentioned that Jinger likes it, and his grandad’s happy with it. So, he’ll “see how long it lasts.” But fans just can’t get over the difference.

Fans react to Jeremy with long hair

Fans already saw a huge transformation in Jinger Vuolo’s style and fashion. She ditched those ghastly Duggar frocks. InTouch Weekly reported that these days, fans see her rocking it with high heels, jumpsuits, and even jeans. Now, fans see a very different looking Jeremy. In fact, lots of them think he looks way better. Here’s what some fans said about new-look Jeremy Vuolo:

  • “lookin like a PRINCE.”
  • “I say this with utmost respect for Jinger. You are very handsome.”
  • “Got that movie star look going on. Handsome either way and you and your gorgeous wife are such a stunning couple.🥰”
  • “Got a Kylo Ren vibe going here 😂👏.”
  • “Looks very good! A pastor with long hair and beard. Right on! 🤗”
  • “Love it! Suits you well 👌🏼.”
  • “Looks like you belong in California now. Not so buttoned up.”
  • “longer suits you! 🌿.”

What do you think about Jeremy Vuolo with longer hair, a long beard, shades, and a tee-shirt? Do you agree he look very “Californian” these days? Certainly, most fans think he looks way better without that short hair he usually sports. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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