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‘Sister Wives’ Followers Slam Mariah Brown For Black Lives Matter Activism On Instagram

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Sister Wives fans heard that Paedon Brown and Mariah “can’t stand” each other. It came when Paedon clashed with Mariah’s girlfriend, Audrey Kriss on his Blue Lives Matter post. Fans know that Mariah’s very vocal about Black Lives Matter. And, right now most people, but not all of them with influence, tout the protests. However, as riots carry on, more people tend to slam those who back the movement’s non-peaceful burning of buildings.

Sister Wives fans slam Mariah after Audrey’s clash with Paedon

We reported that Paedon and Audrey clashed after he posted about “Backing The Blue.” Audrey and Mariah do a lot of activism via their social media. So, she tackled Paedon. He since locked the comments on his post. But before that, we noted what Audrey said to him. When a fan suggested Paedon talk to Mariah about backing the blue, he replied. He felt it plain silly that Mariah thinks she can change anything. In fact, he pointed to her upbringing by “white women.” He also said, “I love her very much but we can’t stand each other.”

The long and the short of it all: Audrey ripped into him for saying that. It seems that Mariah pushed apart the Sister Wives family with her extreme stance. We also noted that Kody Brown’s 4th of July post indicated he supports Trump. And Mariah even told off everyone who might vote against her wishes. Presumably, that includes her parents. Seemingly, she “cuts off” people who disagree with her political stance. And now, it looks like Mariah also gets disapproval from her fans.

Fans slam Mariah over her Black Lives Matter posts

On June 2, Mariah shared a picture of a black woman. Her caption, long, lecturing, and political once again condemned those people who condemn the riots. She noted that a trans black woman brought change for the LGBTQ movement “because of rioting.” She feels people should back the riots as their “black brothers fight for their rights.” The old posts gets new views these days. Since June 2, many more riots took place. For example, Pamplin Media reported about the protesters at the Portland Police Association. There, they “smashed windows and set the building alight around 11 p.m”

As the violence spreads, more people become fearful for their towns and cities. More and more people become more outspoken against the protests. Not so scared to speak up now, some Sister Wives fans slammed Mariah over the weekend. One said, “Oh please. Just stay in your lane and get over yourself already…you arent oppressed. You have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Stop pretending to be a revolutionary. You sound ridiculous.”

More critical fans

More than one person commented along those lines. Another one commented, “So sick of these culture vultures who try to use the African American struggle for personal gain. Who cares less? Opportunistic, a few marches they become an expert on urban affairs or the African American struggle!! laughable !! She will Never understand the true African American struggle!”

Another Sister Wives follower noted, “these people have one agenda #socialism #oneworldorder. They don’t care about you, about black lives ~ you brother is a hero -he and all the others that serve our Great Nation…the Bill of Rights Protecting the Constitution protecting your right to have your opinion, (sic).”

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today marks the beginning of pride month. pride was a riot against police brutality of queer folx; the riot was led by a black transwomxn. we owe her a debt that will never be paid. we have certain and specific rights today BECAUSE she incited a riot. do not dismember her memory or her actions by speaking out against rioters. we have no right celebrating pride if we are not standing with our black brothers, sisters, and siblings while they fight for their rights. celebrate pride by honoring them; celebrate pride by standing with and speaking out for them; celebrate pride by bailing a black person out of jail (lots of places we can donate to, we don’t have to put up bail by ourselves, let’s work together). there is no liberation without bipoc queer liberation, without them. black trans lives matter black children’s lives matter black queer lives matter black love matters black life matters black womxn matter black mxn matter black rage matters black joy matters black people matter #blacklivesmatter #pridewasariot

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