‘Unsolved Mysteries’-What Happened To Rey Rivera?

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Netflix released the third revival of the 90’s cult classic mystery series Unsolved Mysteries. The series premiered in 1987 on NBC and subsequently led to a full series in 1988. The voice of the beloved original host, Robert Stack, could send chills down your spine. Netflix picked up the retired series, giving it new life and premiered Season 15,  with one of the seasons bringing the most conspirator and debated theories to date on July 1, 2020.

Episode 1 of Unsolved Mysteries– Rey Rivera

Rey Rivera is the focus of Episode 1 and has viewers going over all of the details with a fine-tooth comb. Rey and his wife, Allison, were married in 2005 just six months before his death. The Rivera family moved from Los Angeles to Baltimore shortly after their wedding to work for his childhood friend, Porter Stansberry.

Mr. Rivera had dreams outside of being a financial writer for Stansberry. Rey was a writer and aspired to be a filmmaker.

The case is Baltimore’s strangest to date. Allison Rivera isn’t satisfied with the answers given to her and has vowed to keep searching until she discovers what happened to the love of her life.



The Disappearance

Rey and Allison Rivera were still newlyweds when the couple took the move to Baltimore. On May 16th, 2006 Rey received a phone call, causing him to rush out. Allison left earlier that day for a business trip, therefore, Allison’s colleague was staying at their home heard him all of a sudden.

Allison received a call the next morning that Rey never returned from the night before. Rivera’s wife left early from her business trip and called their family to search for Rey. Porter Stansberry offered $1,000 to anyone who could provide information on Rey’s whereabouts, even though he never spoke to detectives about Rey.

Family members found Rey’s vehicle in a parking garage along with the parking attendant’s confirmation the vehicle was there since May 16th. Rey’s co-workers looked from the top of the parking garage and saw a hole in the roof with Rivera’s sandals beside it.

The Discovery

Rey’s car was located in a parking garage near the Belvedere Hotel after he had been missing for six days. Co-workers of Rey saw a hole in the roof with his sandals next to it. Rey was found deceased, May 23th, 2006 in an abandoned conference room at the Belvedere. Investigators initially thought the death was suicide.

The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as undetermined due to injuries being inconsistent with the fall. A retired detective who worked on the case spoke in the documentary “To me, it looked staged.” speaking of the crime scene.

Rivera’s cellphone and glasses were not damaged. The angle of the hole in the roof and where they thought he jumped didn’t add up. Allison mentioned the money clip he always had was missing from his belongings and was never found.


Not Adding Up

Porter and Rey were friends and played water polo together as teenagers. Rey also worked for Porter’s company(the same company Rivera got that mysterious phone call from the night he disappeared). Porter, to this day, refuses to speak with detectives or media about his death or disappearance.

It was never discovered who called Rey the night he disappeared. The call came from the switchboard at his office but was never determined who made the call.


Following Rey’s death, Allison found a note taped to the back of their computer. The note’s contents had various family member names in addition to different movie titles. The FBI reviewed the note and concluded it wasn’t suicidal in nature. Allison Rivera said in her interview in the documentary series, she believes Rey turned over a rock that shouldn’t have been turned.

Do you have your own theories on what happened to Rey Rivera? Was it a horrible accident, an act of suicide, or something far more sinister?

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