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‘The Bachelorette’: Reality Steve Reveals The Dirt On Clare Crawley Contestant If He Shows Up

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The Bachelorette season for Clare Crawley gets a bit intriguing as the time nears for them to start filming. Reality Steve already leaked the location of the shoot. He also talked a bit about the casting call that went out recently. On his Blog on July 9, he spoke more about the men in the cast. And, he revealed that if one guy shows up, he intends telling his story as there some dirt in his background.

The Bachelorette – Reality Steve talks about Clare Crawley’s men

We reported that Steve shared a number for spoilers on Twitter. In the one post, he revealed the location of the filming for the entire season. Notably, this season they all stay in one place. The men stay and film “exclusively at La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta, California.” In another tweet, we noted that he felt the recent casting call for the show’s actually a lie. We noted, “Steve says if someone [hasn’t] applied yet then they can pretty much count on not being on the show fighting for Clare’s love.”

Now, he revealed more about them for the cast. And as far as he’s concerned, who goes off of the show isn’t the issue. Except for when it comes to one guy. In his Blog, Reality Steve talked quite a lot about the men on the show. While they already arrived at the resort, or come in soon, he thinks not all of them end up being in the cast. Many of them might just be there for backup in case someone tests positive for COVID-19. But, according to Steve, the men don’t know that.

Some men  won’t be cast but they don’t know it

Steve said that ABC never told the “extra guys” they just go there as a “standby.” He added, “Plenty of guys there right now are never gonna make it on the show and they have no clue they never had a chance.” He also said that lots of recasting got done and more people seem closer to Clare Crawley’s age group now. Reality Steve noted that he knows of “about 7” men who fit the age bracket of 30-years-old or more. He also mentioned nine of the “original” cast won’t be there at all.

Interestingly, who doesn’t get on The Bachelorette, isn’t the main issue for Reality Steve. He noted that he plans on wasting no time looking into why people might end up not cast for the show. Apart from the extras and those who won’t be on the show, he rather focuses on those that will be there. Except for one person who he predicts might not show up. Apparently there’s some dirt behind the guy.

Reality Steve vows to dish the dirt if one guy pitches up at the resort

Steve’s not naming names just yet. After all, he noted this particular guy never yet got to the resort. But, he could still arrive very shortly. And if he does, Steve said, “I’ll reveal his story.” That probably really makes fans hope that whoever it is, arrives. Who doesn’t love a juicy bit of dirt on The Bachelorette?

Steve thinks that he might not pitch up though. He wrote, “I really don’t think he will. He’d be a moron to at this point since he knows there’s some not-so-flattering dirt out there about him.” He also noted that this person “told others he’s not doing it anymore.” Well, probably fans won’t wait for long to find out. Steve predicts the show cast gets revealed sometime after their quarantine.

Remember to check back with us often for more spoilers about Clare Crawley’s The Bachelorette.

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