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‘Sister Wives’: Tons Of Fans Think Christine Brown May Live On The New Coyote Pass Property

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As Sister Wives fans saw in the last season, Kody hoped for one giant home at Cotoye Pass in Flagstaff. But, that never happened. Christine Brown seemed very against the idea. In fact, the only wife who seemed enthusiastic was Janelle. In the meantime, Robyn and Christine bought new homes. But, when Christine shared photos this week, tons of fans thought it showed her on the new Coyote Pass property.

Sister Wives – Fans think Christine’s photo shows her at the new Coyote Pass property

Christine shared a photo of her sitting on the steps of her home. Many fans reacted to it, thinking it’s the new property at Coyote Pass. Here’s what some of them said to her:

  • “Are you guys in houses on Coyote Pass now?”
  • “looks like you are at Coyote Pass!!! The show must be really far behind”
  • “So y’all finally built your homes on the property.”
  • “Are you in a house on the property!?!?!”
  • “Christine, is that coyote pass?”

Christine actually shared two other photos of the garden area with the mountain views. And, those Sister Wives fans who think she moved to the new property can’t really be blamed for that. But, many fans pointed out that they live in the house Christine bought in the last season. It’s close to the pass, but not on the property. InTouch Weekly noted that on Reddit, fans recently shared photos that show no development.

Meri Brown’s recent pic of her property shows no other buildings nearby

On May 24, we noted that Meri Brown shared a photo of the view from her property at Coyote pass. While it’s a bit away from the others, it’s clear that nothing nearby got built yet.  The views show the same mountain in the background as Christine’s photos. But, it’s much further away in Meri’s photo. So, probably, the fans who think they didn’t build there yet, are correct. Mind you, Christine looks so comfortable in her place with the view, some fans wonder why she’d ever want to move anyway.

As Sister Wives fans saw in the last season, the Browns struggled financially when they relocated to Flagstaff. Janelle tried so hard to sell off their old old houses in Las Vegas. But, the sales seemed a lot slower than Kody Brown anticipated. On the show, he felt they teetered on the edge of financial disaster. Maybe they simply can’t afford any property development yet. Many outlets await the news of development at Coyote Pass, so fans should rest assured if anything happens out there, they’ll soon hear about it.

Fans already heard that yet another season of Sister Wives comes along. Perhaps something more about Coyote Pass emerges then.

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