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‘Bachelor’ Alum Seinne Fleming Slams The Franchise For ‘Isolating’ Viewers

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Seinne Fleming is the latest Bachelor alum to address the franchise’s diversity issue. Two years ago, she was a contestant during Season 22 of The Bachelor. Her recent comments echo what Rachel Lindsay said. Earlier this month, Lindsay said it’s “embarrassing” to be with the franchise.

A few days later, she wrote a blog post asking the franchise to examine “systematic racism.” Both Lindsay and Fleming joined other Bachelor Nation alums, including JoJo Fletcher and Tyler Cameron, in signing a petition asking the franchise to cast a black Bachelor. Learn what Fleming has to say about the franchise.

Seinne Fleming addresses the franchise’s lack of diversity

The Bachelor alum did not hold back. Seinne Fleming slammed the franchise for “isolating” viewers. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Fleming admitted that she wasn’t a fan of the reality show before she appeared. But that changed when they “finally cast a Black Bachelorette.” Fleming referenced to Lindsay’s historic season of The Bachelorette.

“That was one of the main reasons why I ended up auditioning for the show because I thought, ‘Oh okay, well maybe they are kind of maybe changing things up, making things a little more exclusive,” Fleming explained. “I quickly learned that was not the case.”

She felt that Lindsay becoming the Bachelorette “wasn’t necessarily a fluke because she deserved to be and she was a great Bachelorette.” However, she thought it was a “fluke” in that the franchise didn’t continue that “pattern” of diversity. Since Lindsay, The Bachelorette has not cast a Black woman or a woman of color as the lead.

Fleming added that “by not having a more diverse cast, by not having more Asians or Hispanics or Black people, you’re isolating a part of the country that would be interested in the show if they felt more represented.”

On Monday, June 8, an online petition, signed and shared by many members of Bachelor Nation has called for the franchise to cast more people of color.

Bachelor fans feel the show has a “responsibility” to feature Black people and people of color

Yahoo Entertainment sat down for an exclusive interview with Bachelor Diversity campaign members Daniela Gonzalez and Tomidko Adkins. They created and launched the petition with other fans after gathering ideas in a Facebook group. Both women are huge fans of the Bachelor franchise. Additionally, the members assigned them as the Hispanic/Latinx strategy consultants. Both ladies want the show to understand that representation matters – even on television.

“We came together in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter community after what’s been going on with our country,” Adkins explained. “Try to reach out to people. Try to create change. You can do it from sitting in your living room, with your phone, on your couch. This is proof. Even if you can’t go out and protest, or you can’t go out because you’re immunocompromised, you can still do something at home and speak up.”

Of course, not everyone has been supported. There has been criticism that the campaign came at the wrong time. Critics also feel that fans shouldn’t be “petitioning for a show when there’s so many bigger issues going on.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think The Bachelor should be more diverse? Sound off below in the comments section.

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