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Duggar Family Speaks Out On George Floyd’s Death

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After the death of George Floyd, people all over the United States are speaking out against racism and police brutality. The messages and protests have reached people worldwide. Because of this, Counting On fans have been calling upon the Duggar family to speak up too. On many of their recent Instagram posts, fans are asking what the family thinks of it all. They also think the family should be using their platforms to speak up about the important issue.

The Duggar family’s Instagram page has 1.3 million followers. So, any messages they share can travel far and wide. Many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids who are on Instagram have many followers as well. Jessa Seewald has 2.2 million followers, and Anna Duggar has nearly 1 million followers.

Duggar family shares Black lives matter posts

On Tuesday, several of the family members decided to take to social media and use their voices. This includes Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Vuolo, Anna Duggar, Ben Seewald, and Jessa Seewald. Also, the Duggar family’s official Instagram account shared a post. Ben, Jessa, Jinger, Jeremy, and the Duggar family shared the same post with similar captions. They write, “Made in the image of God. Psalm 8:3-5.”

All of these family members are participating in the #BlackoutTuesday trend. The purpose of this movement is for white people to give Black people the space to use their voices. It’s also a way that social media users are showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Anna shared a plain black box, adding that it’s her son Marcus’ 7th birthday. But, she is using this day to participate in Blackout Tuesday, sharing, “On this special day we are celebrating with our son (I’ll share pictures tomorrow), my mind keeps thinking of George Floyd’s family. I cannot imagine what his family is going through right now.

Jeremy Vuolo goes live on Instagram

In addition to participating in the Blackout Tuesday trend like much of the Duggar family, Jeremy also went live on Instagram to talk about the death of George Floyd. Several family members have shared Jeremy’s post on their stories. This live comes after many of his followers have asked for his perspective.

In the video, Jeremy says, “I’ve been wanting to take these days to listen, to do a lot of speaking with friends trying to stand in other people’s shoes. I think that it’s very important to ask a lot of questions and to hear the perspectives. Not just the theological perspectives, but also the emotional perspectives.”

He then adds that it’s important to listen to others’ thoughts. Jeremy also says, “First we need to weep with those who weep, with our loved ones, with our fellow citizens of this country. We need to weep not merely on their account but we need to weep at the brokenness of this world, at the injustice of this world, at the hatred that exists, at the division and the strife and the violence. We need to weep at the brokenness of humanity.”

Throughout the Duggar son-in-law’s live video, he quotes verses from the bible multiple times. He talks about healing the “brokenness” in the world as well.

Also, Jeremy and Jinger reveal that they will be going live on Instagram on Wednesday at 10 am PT to pray.

Part of the Duggar family stays silent

Despite some of the family members beginning to speak up on the issue, not all of them are getting involved. Plenty of their followers are sharing comments on their posts and urging them to make some type of statement. So far, it’s looking like some of them are going to remain silent. But, things may change. Perhaps they will feel inspired by the rest of the Duggar family and share their own social media posts.

Though she didn’t share anything on her Instagram feed, Jill Dillard shared an important message from a Black woman on her Instagram stories. Fans hope she will do more though.

Overall, fans are in awe that any of the family members are speaking up. Due to their conservative Christian values, it was assumed that most, if not all of them, would continue to stay quiet. Plus, this is a controversial issue that is causing plenty of social media users to lose followers. Sometimes influencers and celebrities will refrain from sharing about controversial issues for this reason. It seems like part of the family is moving past those fears this time.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Duggar family and TLC’s Counting On.

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