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Jill Dillard Celebrates Her Birthday, Duggar Family Visits

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On Sunday, May 17, Jill Dillard celebrated her birthday. The Duggar daughter is now 29 years old. She’s married to Derick Dillard, and they have two sons together, Israel, 5, and Samuel, 2.

To celebrate Jill’s special day, Michelle Duggar shared a special post on social media. In her post, she shares a few photos featuring Jill. The first one is current, and it looks like Michelle went to visit Jill on her birthday. The other photos are throwbacks, featuring Jill as a child. A couple of Jill’s siblings also shared older photos of her on their Instagram stories to wish her a happy birthday.

In her post to Jill Dillard, Michelle writes, “From the time you were young, you’ve always been outgoing and have made friends easily. You care deeply for others, and people feel this!”

Then, she adds, “You desire to share the love and hope of Christ, whether at home or on the mission field. You are a loving wife and such a fun mom to your boys. We are so grateful for you!!”

In the comments section of the post, Duggar fans are also taking the time to wish Jill a happy birthday. They are also commenting on how much they enjoy reading Michelle’s posts on her children’s birthdays. This time, she mentioned that Jill was a happy baby. She adds that Jill was always smiling.

Did Jill Dillard previously shade Michelle Duggar on Mother’s Day?

Duggar fans might recall that Jill didn’t share a post about her mom in honor of Mother’s Day, while many of her siblings did. To some, this looked like Jill was shading her mom.

Right now, there is some conflict between Jim Bob Duggar and Jill’s husband Derick. Derick is planning on writing a tell-all book and wants to expose the Duggar family. He’s previously opened up about some of the issues within the family. Recently, it was revealed that Jim Bob is already hiring lawyers for when the book comes out.

Because of this, fans assume that Jill Dillard and the rest of the family don’t have a great relationship. But, Michelle still stopped by Jill’s home for her birthday. In the picture, Derick and Jim Bob aren’t visible. It’s unclear whether they were there. It looks like Michelle is taking a selfie, so neither Jim Bob nor Derick is taking the photo.

Nonetheless, it seems like Michelle still loves and supports her daughter, despite any of the drama between Jim Bob and Derick. Depending on what Derick decides to spill in his tell-all book, things may change. In the meantime, it seems like Jill and Michelle are enjoying their time together. From her post, it sounds like Michelle is proud of who Jill is.

So, what do you think of Michelle’s birthday post for Jill? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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