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Hannah Brown Was Never Supposed To Quarantine With Tyler Cameron For As Long As She Did

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Who knew that when Tyler Cameron picked up former Bachelorette Hannah Brown from the airport it wasn’t supposed to be for long. Fans went nuts when Hannah ended up back in Jupiter, Florida the week following services for Tyler’s mom. Rumors instantly flared up that the two were getting back together. Now, it’s coming out that the month Hannah spent there was actually a spontaneous occurrence.

Hannah was not supposed to be with Tyler for that long

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Tyler and got the scoop. According to Tyler, Hannah was only supposed to be visiting for the weekend. Once she was there it lead to much longer. Tyler, Hannah and his friends, including Matt James, had so much fun they started “The Quarantine Crew.”

They posted Instagram stories, TikToks and other photos. However, Hannah and Tyler not only had fun, they got to work through some past issues. Quarantine definitely healed some of the past and has allowed them to reconnect as friends.

Tyler said, “It was supposed to be, like, a weekend [trip]. Things kind of got a little crazy with the whole [coronavirus]… so it was a lot longer of a trip than expected, but it was good.” He continued, “We got to kind of air a lot of things out and become friends again and put a lot of stuff in our past.”

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What it was like with Hannah in quarantine

Tyler goes on to say having Hannah there with the crew was great. She offered insight and a different perspective to certain topics. She also was someone they all enjoyed talking to. Fans didn’t like it when Hannah decided to end the trip and head back home to Alabama.

And, while the two were very flirty while together in Florida, both Hannah and Tyler maintain they are just friends. In fact, many speculate that these two even shared a bed during her time in Florida. Hannah even joked about Tyler’s “package” in one video. And while everyone would love to know what exactly went on behind those closed doors, he isn’t saying. He said, “I think we should just keep that between me and Hannah.”

Tyler continues to say he is single. And, he also shared he isn’t in a place to date anyone. Hannah has said the same about being single when asked by fans on live Instagram chats. However, unlike Tyler, Hannah says she is feeling more ready to step back into dating.

What does the future hold for these two? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more details on Hannah and Tyler as they become available.


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