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‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Uses Non-Toxic, Natural Products For Herself And Baby Levi

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Unexpected fans who follow Hailey Tilford marvel at her maturity over her son Levi and his half-sister, Kinsley. They love how she kept her baby despite Matthew Blevins dumping her. She’s also in a good place with her new boyfriend, Cole. Now, she said that she’s doing something brand new, and embraces non-toxic and natural products for both herself and her son Levi.

Unexpected – Hailey, Levi and Cole make a cute family of three

TV Shows Ace reported that Hailey Tilford made her relationship with Cole Instagram official this week. Fans loved it because Cole treats Levi as his own son, even though Matthew fathered the baby. Actually, while Hailey racked up boatloads of haters when she announced her pregnancy, many people changed their minds as she navigated her way to motherhood. She even got together with her ex-bestie, Hailey Tomlinson so baby Levi could meet Matthew’s daughter Kinsley.

Popculture reminds readers that Matthew left Hailey Tomlinson for Hailey Tiflord just weeks after Kinsley’s birth. Prior to that, the two Haileys were best friends. So, the fact the two young women put aside their differences for the children seems remarkably mature. Bear in mind, that Hailey Tiflord’s still only about 19 years old. With Matthew now gone from her life, Cole, an old flame, stepped up to support the Unexpected star. Fans like him as well. And now, Hailey says she’s going for non-toxic and natural products for her and her baby. That attracted even more approval.

Hailey Tilford goes with all-natural products

On Wednesday, Hailey took to her Instagram with her new idea about natural products and wellness. She captioned her post with, “I am about to start a new wellness journey.” She never “tried it before,” but knows “it’s the right path for Levi” and herself.ย  She added, that she only wants “the best natural, non toxic products” in her home. That also goes for their skin. Then, she told her fans she looks forward to them seeing her progress.

Plenty of Unexpected fans like the idea of non-toxic things, especially for babies. One fan said, “thatโ€™s amazing girl. i am a huge believer in natural stuff. i love essential oils.” Then, another one chipped in their thoughts. They commented, “You look so beautiful!! Keep doing you. You look like you are mastering being a mommy!! Which is the absolute greatest honor and blessing in this world.”

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One fan assured the Unexpected alum that she’s making a great choice, They wrote, “Itโ€™s the best thing ever Hailey! I did so much research and it paid off!” Do you agree that going non-toxic and natural’s a good idea, especially with little ones in the home? Sound off in the comments below.

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