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‘The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart’ Contestant Jamie Shares Why She Chose To Stay With Trevor

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Drama kicked up a notch on this week’s episode of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. Contestant Trevor Holmes past came to light this week and Jamie had to make a decision. Fellow contestant Natascha used her first night in the mansion to confront Trevor. So what came of this big confrontation?

What did Jamie think of the allegations against Trevor?

As it turns out, Natascha is friends with Trevor’s ex girlfriend, Sierra. Upon her arrival to the mansion she confronted him with the allegations that he cheated on Sierra. Trevor admitted to Natascha and Jamie that he emotionally cheated on her. He’s insistent he did not physically cheat. He only messaged other women.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Jamie Gabrielle to find out why she chose to give Trevor a chance. In fact, Jamie was less inclined to believe anything from Natascha because of her aggressive entrance.

Jamie, 21, said, “I was just trying to follow my heart and to go with those feelings. I feel like when you ask someone to tell you the truth, you have to accept their answer as the truth … I decided that I wanted to move on and I believe that people can change.”

Her thoughts on Natascha

Jamie cried when other contestants told her about Natascha’s allegations to Trevor. While Natascha says she wanted to protect Jamie from Trevor, Jamie was not so sure. She said she found it very interesting how aggressively Natascha made her entrance into the mansion. Jamie said she told her hello then Natascha just came after her guns firing.

Jamie said, “I guess what bothered me is… it was more about attacking Trevor over revealing this truth, so for me, it just felt [disingenuous] when she came to me to be like, ‘Oh, I’m having your back you know.’ I was like, ‘Well, then why didn’t you pull me aside and try to talk to me, and not come off our first interaction so aggressive?’ So, to me, from the beginning, it rubbed me the wrong way.”

Jamie has been cheated on before

While on her date with Trevor, Jamie admitted to him she had been cheated on before. He did not mention that he emotionally cheated on Sierra. This information didn’t come to light until after Natascha entered and made the confrontation.

Jamie said, “I think a lot of it was very dramatic and aggressive and up at this point, you know, Trevor’s this nice guy and sweet and saying all the right things. Everyone in the house loves him, so to have somebody from the outside kind of come into this bubble that we’re in and be like, ‘No, he’s this bad guy.’ She continued saying that Natascha also said he was there for the wrong reasons.

While Trevor insists he didn’t physically cheat, Natascha claims that is not true.

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