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‘The Little Couple’: Dr Jen Arnold Speaks On Live-Feed Consultations After COVID-19

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The Little Couple fans know that Dr. Jen Arnold works from home during the COVID-19 quarantine. The nature of Doctor Jen’s work at John Hopkins actually makes her very qualified to talk about the remote treatment of patients. Now, she spoke about the future and positive sides to live-feed consultations after COVID-19.

The Little Couple – Dr. Jen Arnold’s an expert at simulation in health care talks COVID-19

Dr. Jen Arnold stays home with Bill and the kids at the moment, but she continues working. Some fans asked why she’s not at the hospital. But TV Shows Ace pointed out the possibility that her own medical history could make her an at-risk patient if she gets ill. Actually, she mentioned that in a Live interview. But, although she qualified in neonatal medicine, she became an expert in the field of simulation in health care. Bear in mind, that the Johns Hopkins Hospital also specializes in teaching.

Jen appeared on a Live interview with Tampa Bay Blend on Facebook on Tuesday and spoke about her field of expertise. Her segment started at 7.55 in their Live show. As fans of The Little Couple know, the way doctors deal with patients during the epidemic changed the way things work. These days, doctors often consult in the car-park. And, more and more, tele-consulting takes place. As Jen notes, it’s a technology that’s been around for a while. But with the coronavirus, the practice becomes more common.

Are Live-Feed consultations distancing the doctors from their patients?

While some people might think that remote consultation does away with one-on-one caring, Jen disagrees with that assumption. In fact, she feels that the total opposite results from it. People hope the coronavirus will go away one day. But across the world, health experts suggest the way we lived before the epidemic will never return in many respects. Jen agreed that’s the case. In her interview, she spoke about how one positive that emerged is more self-awareness of managing our health.

On simulation, the matriarch from The Little Couple said, “We need to minimize…risk to professionals.” That’s why right now, they look at “virtual simulation.” Jen feels that that changes people go through now impact in the longterm on “how we do things.” Jen agreed “it’s a game-changer for health care.” First up, Jen feels that telehealth will be key in the future. She feels that it allows the doctors an opportunity to “take even better care of their patients.”

Taking better care means interacting in people’s homes

Dr. Jen made a valid point about how telemedicine would actually bring the doctors closer to their patients. Rather than just seeing them in their consulting rooms, they could interact with people in their own homes. She said, “we can [tune] into them in their environment.” It means that doctors can actually see people in their homes, which allows them to understand the challenges patients may face. One example The Little Couple doctor pointed out involves taking medications. Plus, “monitoring becomes more frequent, not… “just once every three months.”

What do you think about the future of telemedicine that Jen Arnold envisions? Do you think some advantages arise from the way things pan out? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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