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‘Too Hot to Handle’ Reveals The Secrets of The Reality Show

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Thanks to the coronavirus, fans have been able to binge Too Hot to Handle and have made it become one of the most popular reality shows on the streaming service. After watching the show, fans have plenty of questions about the almost insane social experiment.

Too Hot to Handle contestants enter not knowing what to expect

The eight-episode dating show dumps 10 singles in a beachside villa in Mexico. The contestants entered the game, thinking they were in for a time of flirting and fun times. However, come to find out they are required to abstain from any kind of touchy and feely activities, for a chance at the $100,000 prize.

However, some of the questions that arose from the game’s premise are how did they regulate what the contestants do? Is there a second season coming?  Fortunately, several of the executives of Too Hot to Handle have spoken about the show. Executive producer Jonno Richards discussed how the show came about. They said the idea came from the Seinfeld episode The Contest. The premise was each of the friends made a bet on how long they can avoid self-pleasuring. So Richards and others started to talk about the possibility of turning it into some kind of a reality-based show.

Potential for cost of infractions to change in future seasons

Series Producer Louise Peet, said Too Hot to Handle was filmed in three weeks in Mexico last year. They were looking for an exotic and attractive locale as possible. So, they settled on Mexico for the setting of this extreme social experiment reality game.

One of the biggest questions fans had from the show was how they regulated “self-gratification.” The show’s producers monitored the contestants and the sounds of their breathing. The crew began to cipher the levels of breathing. They were able to tell whether it was an innocent trip to the bathroom or a secret rendezvous. These moments left some of the crew surprised and other times just laughing.

The crew said they had an unusual time determining the costs of infractions. They had discussions about how much a kiss should be.  However, the crew didn’t decide until they arrived in Mexico.  They haven’t ruled out changing the costs in future seasons.  They have not ruled out a Season 2, but have not expanded on what could happen in another season.

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