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Michelle Money Says Daughter Out Of ICU, Will Be Okay, Taking Social Media Break To Care For Brielle

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Things are continuing to improve for Bachelor alum Michelle Money’s daughter, Brielle. After suffering a traumatic fall while skateboarding, things are finally looking up. Michelle has asked fans for prayers and believes they have helped her daughter through this unimaginable nightmare. Now, in the midst of her daughter improving, Michelle also feels she needs a social media break to focus more on Brielle and her healing.

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Update: April 6th at 9pm Brielle is making small improvements day by day. When we finally figured out that she wasn't going to work on our timeline everything started going better. Last night she had one spike into the 30's and today she only had elevated numbers when she was being moved, other than that her numbers would hold in the teens. If she continues to improve day after day, we will get her down into the single digits soon and be able to take off these sedating medicines and start to bring her out of this comatose state. We have her on a high dosage of Propofol but the medical staff is okay with this and are seeing no toxicity in her fluid tests. We are happy with all of this. We are excited for her to continue to progress, even if that means at a slower rate than we wanted. We are pretty confident that she is going to be okay.  It's just going to take a bit longer than we had anticipated.  I want to say thanks for all of those who joined in prayer with us the other day. Ever since that time we have noticed a difference. Prayers really do work and I hope that you will continue to take the time to include Brielle in your prayers. Dear Brie, get better soon. We need our ‘game buddy’ back! Love Dad ❤️

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Michelle said Brielle is showing huge improvements

Taking to Instagram, Michelle had shared news that Brie was being extubated. She said, “Guess who got extubated today? Brie. You guys, she’s got her neck brace off. She’s off the ventilator.” Michelle went on to say Brielle has been taken off many of her meds. She’s being weened from a few. However, Brie still must have medication for pain. Michelle said, “She’s on a lot of morphine, but she is a fighter. She’s moving.”

She went on to say, “It’s just been so emotional. I’m just so proud of her. Things are going really good.” Michelle has been working on getting all of the EEG glue out of Brie’s hair.

With Brielle slowly improving, Michelle also mentioned she needs to take a social media break to focus on her daughter. She still feels guilt for not having Brie wear a helmet. She continues to be grateful for everyone’s prayers and concern. Michelle said, “As her mom I just feel this overwhelming need to just be present with her during this next chapter in her life. This is not my story to tell. This is her story. I think as a 15-year-old who has just gone through something so traumatic it does not feel in alignment for me to be sharing anymore.”

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Update: April 9th 11am SO MUCH PROGRESS!!! I do not say this flippantly, your prayers are being heard and felt. Brielle is doing so well. She is off almost all of her IV medications. She is still on the Dilaudid but they are trying to get her off of that today. They will switch to giving her morphine through a feeding tube. The nurse said that it is a 20 day weaning process on morphine to get her off of the pain, sedation and paralytic medicines. Brielle started moving and will raise her eyebrows when 'yelled' at or pinched. The medical staff is asking her to squeeze their fingers or move her toes and she will do it most of the time. Her left side is definitely more responsive than her right side. She moves her left hand a lot (video) and is getting some expressions in her face. – The sensor is out of her head!!!! So happy about that. TODAY – Brielle is getting an MRI and CT scan around noon. She might not need the CT scan, they are checking with Trauma to see. Here is some other big news, depending upon how early we get this MRI done and how much sedation/paralytic they have to give her to hold still, she could potentially get extubated today (where they take that breathing tube out of her throat). That would be such a big thing for Brielle, I know she hates that breathing tube. So please keep her in your thoughts that her MRI and CT scan will go well and that they will be able to take that breathing tube out. If the MRI comes back good then they will be able to take the neck brace off too!!!!!! LET'S GO!!! Brielle, we are so proud of you! For her to start moving made us all cry…

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Brie moves out of ICU

In Ryan Money’s latest update, he shares Brielle is moving out of ICU. Ryan went to Instagram to make the announcement on Saturday, April 11. He said, “Brie had a big win today. She moved from the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) to the NTU (Neuroscience Trauma Unit). She is doing so well!! Truly your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Your love, thoughts, spirit, positive energy are felt!

He went on to say, “Anyone familiar with a TBI recovery knows that this is a sacred and special time. I’m not sure how many times I have cried today… Brielle has a road ahead of her and with as tough as she shown herself to be we have high hopes but also we have all the time and energy she needs from us. #briellestrong.”

True to her word, Michelle has not updated fans again. She is doing her best to let Brie tell her own story when the time is right. Fans will continue to pray for Brielle, Michelle and Ryan as they face the long journey ahead of them.

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